How to save money when testing for glucose due to diabetes

diabetes glucometer

Getting what you need to take care of your diabetes can be costly. In this article, we discuss ways to save money so that you can continue testing for glucose with the affordability you deserve to take care of yourself.

Make A List Of Supplies

Diabetes care includes supplies, treatments, and medications used all together to create the right treatment plan for diabetes management. Unfortunately, because of the many aspects involved in care, the cost for managing the condition adds up quickly. The first thing you should do is compile a list of all of the medications and tools you will need to take care of yourself daily. Once you have completed your list, make a phone call to your insurance company and determine what items are covered under your current health plan. Whenever possible, rely on your doctor to prescribe these items. You should advocate for yourself and ask if any of these items can be prescribed.

Research Discounts On Prescriptions

The next thing to do is to research what pharmacy discounts are available to you to save money on your prescription costs. Begin by speaking to your local pharmacist, your doctor, or searching online for other options. There are many diabetes assistance programs available for those struggling to support themselves financially to receive the care they need. If you find that you are struggling to pay for items you need, speak with your health insurance provider and the rest of your healthcare team to brainstorm options that are more affordable for you. Programs and coupons may be out there that you were unaware of that may significantly reduce costs of care.

Think Outside Of The Box, Glucose Test Strips

Glucose test strips can also be purchased in bulk online for a lower price than alternatives. If you’re looking for a way to find glucose test strips and other diabetes management tools, seek out affordable options online. Doctors and educators of health may also have samples that you can take home for free. It’s essential to think outside of the box to gather up the tools you need to take care of yourself.

Save Money On Food

By saving money on your regular groceries each week, you will have more money to contribute to your regular medication and care costs for your diabetes. You can find healthy foods for much cheaper at local markets as well as through produce distribution plans. Get in contact with farmers in your area who may be able to assist you with your needs. If buying through suppliers directly is still too costly, you might consider becoming a member of a bulk produce supplier. Costco and Sam’s Club are two great options to find a large quantity of produce for less money under customer membership.

Whatever you can do to cut back on your weekly expenses is great and will contribute to the money you need to take care of your diabetes properly.