Relocation Checklist: 10 Things You Must Do Before Moving Abroad

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Moving is a costly, expensive, and stressful exercise. This major life change is rated one of the most stressful things a person can go through. That anxiety and fear come from not knowing what to expect.

Anything can go wrong between arranging the movers, getting your insurance in check, and packing your belongings. But even so, there are also so many benefits of relocating, like obtaining a better quality of life, access to better healthcare, and so much more. 

With this moving checklist, you’ll be able to relocate with less stress.

Applying For A Visa

If you want to make it to a new country, you will have to apply for a visa. Obtaining a visa is arguably the most time-consuming task in the entire process. 

The average waiting period for a visa is anywhere from 15 days to 3 months. The most common method to apply for your visa is online. Regardless of how to intend to apply, a small application fee is always applicable.

Medical Cover

Medical cover is not something that should be forgotten. In these times, medical debt is common. Domestic insurance does not offer protection outside the borders of your home country. Expat medical cover should be at the top of your to-do list. 

To get the best possible treatment should there be an emergency, the right medical cover is a requirement. Not all healthcare is created equal. Having access to medical insurance assures you will be taken to a private facility for any treatments. 

While you’re shopping around for expatriate medical insurance, it’s also worth your while to buy travel insurance

Buying Your Plane Ticket

If you want a good deal on your plane ticket, buying a plane ticket well before your departure date is vital. 

Even if you leave your plane ticket until the absolute last minute, you should still have four or more weeks before your departure date. Try to be flexible with your departure date to get the best deal possible on your tickets. 


Sort Out Your Living Situation

If you’re a homeowner, it might be necessary to sell your home to finance your move abroad. When selling your property, make sure you list your property with enough time to spare. 

Before leaving your homeland, secure your accommodation. You could do this by ensuring you have booked with Airbnb. Alternatively, you could virtually view properties to find the right home.

Prepare Your Documents

When emigrating, you will need to have your records ready. Documents such as your visa, passport, work permit, birth certificate, medical records, and marriage certificates (if applicable) can be requested. You can visit professional services such as if you need inexpensive, fast, and high-quality translation.

Nobody wants disappointment as soon as they arrive in their new home. Make sure all your documentation is correct. Request official copies of your essential personal documents to guarantee there are no delays when arriving. 

Confirm all of your documents are completed well ahead of time and keep a digital copy of everything. Keep all of your documents in the same place to prevent misplacing anything. 


The way transporters charge you makes international shipping incredibly pricy. You will typically get charged by the weight or volume of your packages, whichever is more expensive. 

Avoiding these fees will make your move less stressful. Try clearing enough possessions to enable everything to be brought by carry-on or checked baggage. 

Start Packing Early

When you start packing early, you eliminate the panic of last-minute packing. You will need to start with the prep work like cleaning and purchasing your packing and moving supplies. You 

Your Vehicle

Taking your car abroad is not always a possibility. You will need to make some tough decisions on what to do with your vehicle. 

You could sell it for some extra cash in your pocket. You could store your automobile. You could lend your vehicle to a trusted friend. 

There is no single correct answer on what to do with your car. You might be moving somewhere with excellent public transport, eliminating the need for a car. 

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Don’t Forget The Banks 

Now that everyone knows you are moving tell your bank. Your bank needs to know where you will be to prevent fraud on your account! 

This will allow you to accurately determine the international transaction fees. You could shop around for a new bank with lower costs if necessary. Here you will find a list of best US banks for international transactions at lower fees.

What About Your Pets?

Are you going to be taking your pets with you? If so, you can’t just take them to a new country. Some procedures need to be followed to keep them and other pets safe.

Research what regulations your new nation has with pet immigration. Most countries require a quarantine period when a pet crosses its borders. 

Now that you have decided to bring your pet. It is time to confirm that all of their vaccines are up to date. When ensuring all vaccines are up to date, ask your vet about a health certificate for travel clearance. 

Moving abroad is a stressful time with so much to do. Create a checklist that lists all the essential details. Once you are ready to move, sit back and enjoy the new adventure awaiting you.