Recreate a new hairline with scalp micropigmentation

Male Hair

There used to be a time when hair transplant was very popular because the hair was in fashion and helped create the desired looks.  However, the sense of fashion is highly fluid and keeps changing with the introduction of new fashion trends. While we cannot think about Sylvester Stallone or Arnold Schwarzenegger with thinning hairline or a shaved head, we do not mind welcoming Vin Diesel, and Dwayne Johnson’s shaved head looks bears testimony to the changing fashion trends with the times.  

Alongside the changing fashion trends that embrace the bald looks of men, the Scalp Micropigmentation services located in DC, Maryland, and Virginia have become quite popular. Although hair transplant and scalp micropigmentation are hair loss treatments, the applications and the results are much different. 

Micropigmentation – A cosmetic procedure primarily for men

As shaven heads became a well accepted fashion norm among men, the cosmetic procedure of artificially creating the looks of shaven head started gaining popularity. The procedure known as micropigmentation is a non-surgical procedure for balding men that aim to create the looks of a shaven head by using a technique similar to tattooing. However, the procedure is much more intense and deep-seated than a hair tattoo which affects only the scalp’s surface. 

The procedure of scalp micropigmentation consists of applying natural pigments to the upper or dermal layer of the scalp to replicate the looks of a naturally shaven head dotted with minute black spots that seem like the early signs of hair growth after a few days of shaving the head.   The process of micropigmentation has been popular among women for achieving shapely eyebrows, eyes, lips, and more. 

The smudge-free hair loss solution is more convenient, painless, and time-saving for years and enhances self-esteem for those pained by untimely hair loss due to alopecia or some other reasons. 

An artistic work that creates a new hairline

Tattoo artists are artists because of their exceptional skills to recreate images on the skin and full and shapely eyebrows with equal ease. The same artistic talent is at work among the professionals practicing micropigmentation. They patiently embed the pigments into the epidermal layer of the scalp to recreate the looks of natural hair follicles. Those who have lost their full head of hair or experience rapid thinning of hair that could leave them bald soon are the perfect candidates for the procedure. The procedure aims at camouflaging the scalp’s surface area that has undergone hair loss and creates a new hairline for the person undergoing the procedure.

Is scalp micropigmentation like microblading?

As told earlier, there are marked similarities in microblading and micropigmentation, but the manner of implementation and application area is entirely different. Microblading artists use a manual tool to draw the eyebrows, but in micropigmentation, the practitioners use an electric device for tattooing. The heavier device is necessary to help the pigment penetrate under the dermal layer to last much longer.

Although the procedure of scalp micropigmentation is mainly for men, women can also choose it.