Several great reasons to be a policyholder that helps its local community

blue shield insurance

You feel as though you have truly entered middle age as you approach your half century and are only too aware that it is time to start putting plans in place for the future. You have lost a couple of mates over the course of the last three years and have seen others struggling with illness.

A good start was to sort out your superannuation, along with paying off your credit cards. The restrictions caused by the coronavirus pandemic did you a favour as you saved some money to get your finances in order and at last take on some responsibility. Next up is to pay into a company with excellent ethics, including a health insurance fund for several great reasons.

  • Safeguarding yourself by taking out health insurance is an excellent investment. You may even wish to take out a policy to cover the whole family safe in the knowledge that it can help fight lifestyle diseases and help cover costs for any required treatment following an accident.
  • As a member of a not-for-profit health insurance company, you know that you are being prioritised rather than the demands of investors and therefore those running it are not beholden and under pressure to make a profit. Any excess cash from members is placed in a fund which is distributed to local industry and better services for policyholders.
  • As mentioned, you are in favour of the principles of such a company. While it is like a conventional insurance firm in that it covers the policy holder with healthcare and medical insurance, the main difference is that it is run to provide a service to its members, with the fees being reinvested rather than the profits being creamed off by shareholders. They are also more likely to be more focused on primary and preventative care than alternative insurance providers. You may be able to claim back cash for massage to aid your stressed body and mind.
  • You are likely to benefit from lower premiums rather than through a company who were established to make a profit, where investor issues can lead to a decline in coverage, reduced benefits, and an increase in fees to meet their annual returns.
  • You will be covered for ambulance and paramedic fees, offering a great peace of mind. I mean, who knows what life changing events could be waiting round the corner?
  • A community based insurance firm will look to make the process easy to entice and help as many local residents, rather than offering complex plans which look to maximise profit. You will receive a quality service from an empathetic team who are in it for the good of the area and treat their policyholders as persons rather than just a reference number. Perhaps several in the scheme are members of the local NRL club?

The decision to opt for a not-for-profit health insurance, guarantees a quality, caring service offering you excellent value for your money. At the same time the community and local district will benefit from your choice.