10 Questions You Need To Ask Your Cardiologist Before You Hire Them


Are you facing any cardiovascular issues? Then you must consult a cardiologist to know about your heart condition as soon as possible. Neglecting your heart problems can lead to serious consequences. Well, visiting a cardiologist is not the same as your primary care doctor. You need to prepare a list of questions before you hire a cardiologist. 

Before you visit a cardiologist, you need to consider a few factors to choose from the number of options available at your disposal. Here are some factors you need to consider before selecting a cardiologist in Singapore

Factors to Consider While Selecting a Cardiologist

Apart from these questions, ensure that you have considered the following factors before you visit a cardiologist.

  • Research online about the doctor you are going to visit. Check if the doctor has board-certified and enough qualifications and experience in their cardiologist job
  • Ask your friends and relatives if they have consulted any cardiologist earlier. You can ask your primary doctor because he/she is the best person to recommend you. 
  • Read patients’ testimonials and reviews to know their experience with the doctor. 
  • Consider the quality, condition, and facilities of the hospital where the doctor is going to treat you. 

Questions to Ask Before You Hire A Cardiologist

It’s essential to know about your cardiologist and whether the doctor is willing to clarify your doubts or not before you hire them. So, here are some questions that will help you to know a doctor who will treat your heart disease. 

What Are the Symptoms of Heart Disease?

Some common symptoms of heart disease are chest pain and high blood pressure that most people are aware of. However, there are some unusual symptoms that everyone does not know about can be symptoms of heart disease. 

Moreover, men and women may have different types of symptoms of cardiovascular problems. Apart from that, you should also know about the impact of anxiety on heart disease. 

Reason Behind the Tests? 

Sometimes a cardiologist might ask you to conduct some tests when you visit them for the first time. Well, it’s essential to understand why the doctor asked you to do so? What you can expect from these tests will give you peace of mind. If the doctor doesn’t answer your question, it’s certainly not a good idea to hire that particular cardiologist.

Ask About Your Ideal Waist Circumference

Another important thing you need to ask your cardiologist is the ideal size of your waist circumference. Some experts say that abdominal fat can increase the risk of heart disease in the future. The measurement of waist circumference that we determine for wearing pants is not useful here. It’s measured above where we usually wear belts and include the love handles.  

What Should Be My Level of LDL?

Asking about your level of low-density lipoprotein (LDL) is also crucial. LDL is also known as bad cholesterol, which can increase the risk of heart diseases. Since the leftover LDL is usually deposited into your blood vessel, it’s essential to know the safe level of LDL in your body. Cardiologists normally determine the level of LDL to evaluate cardiovascular risks. 

Should I Take Regular Aspirin? 

Many heart and diabetes patients take regular aspirin to reduce the risk of blood clause. According to the Mayo clinic, when you take aspirin, it helps you to stop the blood vessels, platelets from sticking together and clot your blood flow. However, don’t take this as a medical recommendation; consult a doctor before you take any medicines. 

Are There Any Activities That I Need to Avoid?

There are some physical activities that might increase the risk of heart disease. So, you should be aware of those activities that you need to avoid if you have a serious heart or any other disease like cancer or blocked arteries. 

Does My Family History Affect My Heart Condition?

Genetic factors also have some impact on your heart disease. Cardiologists say that if an immediate family member has any issues, then it might affect your heart. Apart from that environment also has a major impact on your heart condition. The cardiologist may ask you about your family members. So, ensure that you ask your immediate family members about this before you visit your doctor. 

 How Your Personal Health History Affects Your Diagnosis?

Have you ever faced any kind of symptoms like shortness of breath, fatigue, irregular heartbeats, etc.? Share them with your doctor in detail and ask whether they can affect your diagnosis. Also, share if you have taken medications or surgeries in the past. It will help the doctor to know your health history and advise you accordingly. 

What Can I Do to Improve My Heart Health?

Well, you cannot do anything about your genetic problems. However, you have control over some other factors like your diet, lifestyle, etc. You can ask the doctor about what you can change in your lifestyle to improve your heart health. Cardiologists generally recommend doing regular exercise and eating heart-healthy to reduce risks such as blood pressure, hypertension, diabetes, etc. 

What Resources Can I Use to Improve Heart Health?

Finally, ask about some useful resources such as websites, mobile apps, or support groups that can help you boost your heart health. Remember, you are visiting your doctor for a limited time, and it’s crucial that you should ask these questions. It will give you a fair idea of your heart condition and whether the doctor is willing to inform you.

Final Words

Hopefully, this post has helped you to know what questions you should ask your heart doctor before you hire them. Well, you may have other queries that you can ask your doctor but don’t forget to ask the above questions. 

Sometimes we are not aware of our eating habits and lifestyle that may have a negative impact on our heart. So, it’s essential to know about the food items that can cause unnecessary health problems and try to avoid eating them. Lastly, don’t forget to share what’s your opinion on this post and how you can give it.