The qualities and traits of a successful teacher

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Successful teachers are vital to the academic success and development of students. While every aspiring teacher wants to ensure that students learn something new every day, the teaching profession is not for everyone. 

Successful teachers usually have an ever-lasting impact on students, helping them engage in lifelong learning. Furthermore, they can also make a world of difference in their student’s life, no matter their age or gender.

You will never forget a teacher who didn’t care about you when you were in high school, told you that you weren’t good enough, or didn’t put in the effort to help you learn. But, these are teachers our youth don’t care about nowadays. 

In the end, teaching is a noble and essential profession. But, there are some skills and traits to becoming even more successful and effective. 

So what are the qualities and traits a teacher must possess to be successful? Read on to find out.

Successful teachers are lifelong learners

Becoming a lifelong learner is vital to experiencing success in the teaching profession. It also shows that you love and are passionate about education and learning. Furthermore, no matter your education level right now, there will always be a degree program or course out there that can improve your overall teaching abilities. 

So, whether you’re looking to improve your management skills or leadership qualities, going for further education such as a Master’s of Arts in Educational Psychology is an excellent idea. 

You will inspire your students with valuable insights and promote a healthy learning environment – all traits and qualities found in a successful teacher with the right degree.   

Successful teachers are excellent communicators

While appropriate subject knowledge is a vital part of becoming a successful teacher, the reality is no matter how knowledgeable you are; it won’t be helpful if you cannot convey it to your students properly. 

Hence, communication skills are crucial when looking to become a successful teacher. So, consider honing your verbal and non-verbal skills, including body language, imagery, writing, and speaking, to get the best out of your teaching abilities. 

Furthermore, an effective teacher can notice whether or not a particular student understands a specific concept. They then make an effort to provide a one-on-one session after class to ensure that said student understands the idea. 

Moreover, communication is a two-way street. So, in an ideal learning environment, teachers have to listen to their students whenever they answer a question empathically. In the end, successful teachers listen to what their students have to say and then use what they hear to improve student-teacher communication.

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Successful teachers are approachable and friendly

Teachers must help their students learn and become better versions by making themselves available and approachable through kindness. 

On the other hand, rude, arrogant, mean, tense, and unapproachable teachers don’t last in the learning environment for long.

Moreover, if the students think that teachers are their enemies, they will avoid asking questions and learn much. So, the best teachers are the easiest to approach, welcoming, and open to queries at all times.

Successful teachers have a strong work ethic

Every individual with teaching experience knows that it is amongst the most challenging professions. However, a teachers’ drive to stop at nothing to instill knowledge and the need to taste success in their careers keeps them going. That said, successful teachers will go above and beyond to help their students.

Teachers will do their best to make time when time is short, always willing to offer a helping hand whenever necessary. Not to mention, They’ll work day and night to find a solution to particular student questions. 

So, while teachers will always have a strong work ethic, those who never stop trying will have the best chance of becoming successful in their profession.

Successful teachers are always prepared

In addition to catering to individual student requirements, successful teachers are always well-prepared for every possible situation. Being locked and loaded promotes comfort and trust in the classroom. Plus, it also shows that the teachers know what you’re doing. 

Furthermore, being prepared also enables them to develop plans to accommodate every student’s individual needs. So, no matter how charming teachers are, if they enter the classroom without a strategy to convey knowledge to students, chances are they will fail before even saying a single word. 

Therefore, if you have to spend multiple hours to create a teaching technique or a lesson plan that will help you impart knowledge accurately, spend as much time as needed to perfect it.


Teaching is a fulfilling career for individuals passionate about sharing their knowledge and skills with others. Although you might not think of yourself as the best teacher ever, your students will remember you long after graduating. 

A teaching career offers excellent growth prospects, too, so you don’t have to worry about being stagnant in a position for long. It’s time to hone the above mentioned skills and pursue a career you’ve always yearned for.