Professional Home Cleaning may Help you to Avoid Some Health Problems

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While cleanliness has always been a part of people’s lives, it seems to have been more in the spotlight than ever before recently. The onset of the Covid pandemic drew even more attention to the risks of spreading viruses and diseases. Sanitizing became common practice as people sought to protect themselves.

However, there are many more dangers lurking that you may not be aware of. Did you know your home could harbor bacteria and pests that can cause health problems? Read on to find out why it is important to keep your home clean and sanitized to help prevent any future health issues for you or your family.

Do you need a professional home clean?

Between juggling a busy work schedule and a possibly hectic social life, cleaning is often the last thing on people’s minds. If in fact, you prefer to be out enjoying yourself rather than doing a task you don’t enjoy, perhaps it’s time to call the professionals. Also, if the potential is there that you could earn more money working than in the time spent cleaning, this has to be considered too.

It’s also likely that most standard households don’t have the proper cleaning equipment and products to ensure a full deep clean of your home. Professional services will have everything needed, as well as bringing a wealth of experience with them. Areas that you may not consider to be a problem or awkward places you just don’t feel like doing, will all be dealt with properly by professional cleaners from Metla Cleaning.

What health concerns can be found in a house?

There are numerous issues that people would find concerning if they realized the scale of the problems that can be caused. The presence of allergens can have a detrimental effect on the well-being of a person. Humans themselves, or their pets, create dander, which helps dust mites to breed. Dust mite excretion can be an unconsidered, yet harmful, allergen source in your home.

It’s important you take action if there is any indication of excessive moisture in your home. The presence of damp patches creates mold and mildew which can cause respiratory problems. According to the WHO, there were 262 million people with asthma in 2019. Sufferers from asthma will only find their symptoms become more unpleasant if faced with any of the above situations. This can be avoided with thorough regular deep cleaning of the home.


How common are dust mites?

The presence of dust mites in homes is more common than people think. Mattresses or bedding, carpets or curtains, even furniture, nowhere is safe from these pests. Whilst they are not harmful to everyone, these little creatures can pose a threat to health, due to the fact they produce an allergen that can be dangerous to some individuals.

Sufferers from specific conditions may find themselves at risk. According to the Mayo Clinic, an allergic reaction to dust mites can vary from mild, such as watery eyes, runny nose, or sneezing, to severe in the case of an asthma attack or flare-up of eczema. While it’s impossible to remove the problem of dust mites from your home, a professional cleaning will certainly reduce the threat that you face.

How can a professional house clean help?

While washing bedding yourself regularly may help with the issue of dust mites, there are other areas of the house that may need to be dealt with professionally. Hiring a carpet cleaning company can ensure you won’t have to worry if you feel this is where your problems are originating from.

These professionals like the eMaids of Brevard County will deep clean your upholstery and carpet to remove dust mites. This is done through the process of steam cleaning using a hot water extraction machine. This will remove a variety of threats to your health, such as dust mites, bacteria, allergens, and also the presence of any developing mold.

Is professional cleaning expensive, and does it take long?

In order to complete a thorough deep clean a minimum of 2 hours is usually required. Prices are tailored to the services you wish to avail of. You may only have one particular area that you wish the professionals to look at. All size houses can be catered for, at rising costs.

Mattresses can be cleaned, with the option of one or both sides being dealt with available. Specific rooms, such as the bathroom or your living room, can be done singly, and vary in price. Chairs and upholstery can be cleaned, ranging from single chairs to large sofas.


The majority of people like to clean their homes to ensure it looks good. However, in reality, cleaning also makes your home a healthier, safer place to live. While no one is disputing your efforts, only a professional deep clean can achieve a true reduction in the presence of allergens and dust mites.
It is worth doing a deeper clean, and you may find yourself feeling better over time if you do suffer from any allergies. Your health is worth more with mattress cleaning and other areas that professionals will look at but you might miss.