Preventing Loneliness and Isolation in Elderly People

resting elderly

According to Mental Health America, depression affects more than 19 million Americans every year. Loneliness and isolation will often lead to people feeling all alone and less worthy, which can easily lead to them feeling depressed. That is especially true if they live on their own and have very little interaction with their family and friends. Therefore, it’s essential for elderly people to become more socially active and look for ways to prevent loneliness and isolation. We have a few suggestions, so feel free to check them out.

Learn new skills through hobbies

Developing new skills is beneficial at any age. When you reach your 70s or 80s, there will be so many options available for you to try. Have you been knitting before? If your eyesight is not the best anymore and your hands won’t listen to you all the time, consider moderate physical activity like Thai Chi. Do you have a knack for singing? Join a choir in your local community to meet new people and spend quality time with them.

Socialize with family and friends more

Scheduling regular family gatherings is of the essence for your mental and emotional well-being. Understandably, people who work full-time jobs have very little time during the week. However, that doesn’t mean they cannot find time for their elderly relatives during weekends. Having regular Sunday lunch or going for a family picnic on Saturdays during warm months will mean the world to the elderly. Whenever you have time with kids, visit the relatives to let them know they will always matter to you.

Join online communities for the elderly

The Internet is full of social media apps that allow us to meet new people and interact with like-minded peers. From apps for teenagers to those suitable for adults and seniors, people have an array of options to interact with their peers online. Looking for mature dating apps is another way to prevent loneliness and find someone to spend time with. Just because you’re in your 70s doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have some time for romance. Get out in the online dating world and find new love whenever you feel ready. Sharing your time with another individual is better for your well-being than going through your days on your own.

Consider having a pet

Looking after children and grandchildren for some time creates a habit that is not so easy to break. If the kids have moved away and the elderly don’t have the chance to see their grandchildren a lot and much less babysit them for a few days, having a pet to take care of will be a good alternative. It will prevent the elderly from feeling alone, making them feel necessary and loved again. Be it a dog, a cat, a parrot or any other kind of house animal, having a pet will offer a sense of companionship and worth to the elderly and give them something to do during the day. Walking a dog, feeding the cat and teaching a parrot to speak will be entertaining. It will also offer seniors something to explore and learn more about.

Senior living communities are also recommended

Has living alone been stressful? Moreover, has it become dangerous for you to climb up and walk down the stairs without assistance? Moving into a retirement home or a similar facility will be the right choice for any senior who cannot manage to live on their own anymore. Living with other seniors gives them the opportunity to share experiences and fill their spare time with quality activities. On top of that, being surrounded by medical staff offers security and protection, knowing that someone will always be there to help them get dressed, move around or shower.

Preventing loneliness and isolation is of the essence. Fortunately, there is a full spectrum of options that will allow seniors to be more socially active and find activities through which they can spend more quality time with other people and create new hobbies. Learning new skills, having a pet and finding online communities for the elderly are just some of the solutions to preventing loneliness. Explore more options and make the most of your senior years.