5 Organic Alternatives for a Better Sleep

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Treating sleeplessness with medications may result in over-dependence on the drugs. Apart from that, the use of sleeping pills comes with several side effects. For some individuals, all that is required is to do away with conditions that predispose them to insomnia. These conditions are stress, depression, and anxiety. It is also worth stating that some medications used to treat health issues like heart diseases, weight loss, and blood pressure can lead to sleep deprivation. It is advisable to go for alternative medicines that will not deprive you of sleep in such a case.  

Sleep disorder comes in various degrees. Some people experience a short sleep duration, while others find it difficult to fall asleep. In most cases, you can treat this health issue naturally. In other words, adopting some lifestyle changes can help improve your sleep quality. Some of these changes include exercising every day for at least 10 minutes, avoiding heavy meals before bedtime, limiting your napping in the daytime, among others.  

Furthermore, adopting natural sleep aids is another way to combat insomnia. Apart from improving your sleep, such natural methods help to ease anxiety and promote relaxation. Also, they are linked to other health-improving actions like pain relief and improved digestion.  

Natural Ways to Combat Sleep Disorder

You can improve your sleep quality by simply changing your diet, habits, or routine. An intelligent way to avoid the unpalatable side effects of sleep medications is by trying non-medicinal methods. Here are some organic alternatives that you can adopt for improved sleep: 

Organic sleep tea

The calming and rejuvenating effects of an organic sleep tea make it an ideal choice for a night of better sleep. Having a cup of it before going to bed is a great way to wrap up a tiring day and wake up refreshed to take another day. Made with a unique blend of Valerian, Skullcap, Chamomile, Passionflower, Peppermint, etc., it has the ability to improve your sleep cycles organically.
Just include a cup in your routine and relish the change!

Lifestyle Changes 

Some lifestyles can result in a lack of sleep; they include poor eating habits, putting on a bright light in the bedroom, and watching television till late in the night. You can enhance your sleep by making simple lifestyle changes like avoiding watching TV till late at night, eating a few hours before bedtime, and dimming your bedroom light as much as possible. Keep in mind that other simple lifestyle changes can help you get better sleep.  

Yoga and Meditation 

Techniques like yoga, meditation, and relaxation have proved effective in the treatment of sleep disorders. These natural methods help to calm down the muscles and mind for better sleep. Due to its effectiveness when it comes to inducing sleep, many people have embraced these techniques. To achieve a better result, you must be consistent with this technique. Engaging in regular mediation can help boost your sleep by increasing the level of melatonin in the blood.  


Another natural way to fight sleeplessness is by engaging in regular exercise. To use this method effectively, you need to be consistent. In other words, you exercise regularly to enhance the quality of your sleep effectively. Whether you are battling insomnia or your sleep is not sound, you can achieve your aim of having a better sleep by indulging in regular exercise.   

Regular workouts have proved to be helpful in the treatment of sleeplessness in both old and young. Apart from that, it comes with other health benefits. To avoid interference with your sleep, ensure that you complete these exercises three to four hours before you go to bed. 

Essential Oils 

Chamomile is an essential oil that is effective in treating insomnia as it promotes sleep and relaxation. Other medicinal herbs that have proved helpful in treating sleeplessness include passionflower and valerian root. Based on the study conducted in 2016, Chamomile tea helped alleviate depression symptoms and improve sleep in postnatal women. Apart from treating insomnia, this essential oil has other health benefits; it relaxes muscles and improves digestion. In addition to that, it relieves headaches and soothes the skin. 

Furthermore, black tuna cannabis may also treat sleep deprivation caused by factors like anxiety and chronic pain. There are several ways to take this product, including CBD oils, gummies, vape concentrates, etc.


The kind of food that you consume before bedtime also has a significant effect on sleep quality. For example, filling your stomach with a heavy meal right before bed is not a good practice because the body system gets engaged when it should be relaxed for a sound sleep.  

If you are struggling to have a sound sleep at night, add almonds to a warm glass of milk; drink the mixture before you sleep. Furthermore, you can eat fruit after drinking the milk if you can’t get an almond. Milk helps to enhance sleep quality because it contains tryptophan which helps to boost the sleep-inducing hormone in the blood. Also, you can take flaxseeds and bananas for better sleep because they contain melatonin that helps to induce sleep.  


Sleeplessness is a condition that harms mental health, especially if left untreated. The fact is that virtually all sleeping medication has unpalatable side effects. You can treat insomnia naturally by adopting any of the techniques discussed above. Irrespective of the method you employ, you must be consistent to get your desired result.