Portable Saunas – a Buying Guide


Saunas are very popular amongst people of all ages. Not only do they help you relax, but there are also great for weightless, muscle treatment, joint pains and many other illnesses. However, without booking a sauna session on time and paying a good amount of money, you cannot enjoy this amazing self-care time. 

Some people have spacious homes to make a one-time investment and install a sauna. If this is not possible for you due to limited space or budget, don’t worry. A quick solution to this is a portable wooden infrared sauna. It is a great way to relax and reduce pain. This type of therapy can be done in the comfort of your own home and is becoming increasingly popular.

People have doubts about how effective and “authentic” the experience is in a portable sauna. Truth is, it might not be as heavy duty as the actual ones, but it sure is effective. It offers a lot of conveniences and more importantly, it is budget-friendly. These saunas are also available in different types and kinds, including infra-red portable saunas and electric ones.

What are portable saunas?

A portable sauna does not work any differently than a regular sauna you usually find at a spa. These saunas use different sources of heat, usually either infrared or steam radiation. The only difference between a portable one and a full size one is that the portable one requires assembly before use. 

You get a complete kit, including a tent-like structure where you can sit and relax and a regular electric power supply that heats the sauna. The tent-like structure has arm and head holes allowing you to be comfortable. Most of these units come with a comfortable chair as well. The best portable saunas have features like foot pads that prevent your feet from hot surfaces. You can enclose or open the tent through a zipper, typically. 

Infrared saunas also have the same design and functionality. The only difference is the carbon fiber lining and infrared light that ensures powerful infrared heat supply.

All portable saunas are big enough to accommodate one person at a time. If you are looking for a sauna session to have some chill time with another person, you might want to look at other options. Since these saunas have head holes, you can get two or more saunas for each person, so you can communicate and chill with one another. 

 You can ideally get a mid-range portable sauna for $200-$300. A cheaper range portable sauna may cost as low as $90 while a higher end one will cost as much as $600-$900. 

How to buy the best portable sauna?

Has the convenience and budget friendliness of a portable saunas intrigued you? Don’t just go ahead and buy one without putting in a lot of thought. Make sure to consider the following factors before you choose any one best product for yourself. Here are some important factors you need to consider when buying a portable sauna:

Brand name

Your body will be exposed to a lot of heat for several minutes. When you are going to put your body in such extreme conditions, you must be sure that the manufacturing of the sauna is reliable. The brand name is very important for this reason. The better the brand name, the more reliable the sauna will be. A famous brand is also more likely to have a larger pool of customer reviews, which you can use to decide whether or not you want to buy from them.

Another reason brand name is important is the after sales service. A popular or successful brand is more likely to have a better and well-established customer service. This is very important if you are a first time user since you are likely to have loads of questions. 

Control panels

There will be many changes and customizations that you will need to make to your sauna. Some high quality portable saunas come with remote controls. This adds a lot of convenience as you won’t have to reach out for the control panel again and again and can adjust it remotely. If you have someone else in the sauna and they need you to assist them, even then you cannot deny the importance of remote control. 

If not a remote control, just take a good look at the sauna’s control panel and see if its easy to use and understandable. If the control panel is not clear and you can’t make out how to use it, try a different model or inquire seller of the product about how to use the panel properly to prevent any damage to yourself or the sauna too. 

Easy to set up

Since we are already talking about user friendliness, let’s not forget that one inconvenient part of a portable sauna is setting up. These tent-like saunas fold down when not in use, and need to be set up properly when you have to use them. This means that there is more prep time required than the regular, spa saunas. 

However, if you are determined to buy a portable sauna and want to adapt to it, make sure you get the one that has an easy set up. Not only the control panel, but the assembly of the whole thing, its zipper, foot pads and chair (if included) are also very easy to put in place. Some saunas are not powerful enough, and take up more time to get heated up. Power rating can be a good indicator of how quick a sauna can heat up. Make sure you have gone through a quick on how to use saunas safely and what are the recommended settings you should use. 

Extra features and accessories 

Like mentioned earlier too, some saunas come with chairs and features like foot pads and arm holes. These are not entirely necessary for a safe and healthy experience, but can be a good addition to your comfort level. 

The end note

Portable saunas are definitely a good way to spend some relaxation time. Make sure that the sauna you are buying has head holes and an arm hole, so that you can sneak out and stream a live match, or watch your favorite show using your fast speed Spectrum bundles

You must also remain hydrated even if you are going to a sauna for nothing but 10 minutes. It makes your body sweat a lot, increasing your body’s need for water intake. Lastly, the aforementioned factors will help you determine which portable sauna fits your needs the best.