How can counseling and physical health promote psychological well-being?

physical exercise
Goalie Kick - Photo by: Tom Childers

It is a known fact that physical health and mental health are deeply interconnected. This relationship has been thoroughly studied by many researchers, and the results found that the perceptions of health are a critical factor to achieve well-being. What is even more important, is that this relationship goes both ways. Those who suffer from poor mental health are at a higher risk of developing chronic physical health problems, but at the same time, patients affected by health conditions frequently develop one or more psychological issues.

Symptoms associated with depression and anxiety can reduce life expectancy in cancer patients, and even just 30-45 minutes of physical exercise every day can significantly improve the outcomes in many conditions such as post-operation recovery, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. Establishing a few, simple healthy habits can go a long way towards improving your psychological well-being, stave off mental concerns and improve your overall health.

Finding the right help is of paramount importance, especially when mental issues are so severe or crippling that even finding the energies required to do some regular physical activity seems an impossible task.

Who are counselors?

Counselors are highly-trained professionals assisting people to work through their problems. They help people empower themselves to accomplish their education and career goals, determine the root cause of their issues, and guide them through the hardships that they must face every day.


Counselors walk the patient through the difficult journey needed to overcome an addiction, deal with behavioral issues or fight off depression or feeling of anxiety. They work in private and clinical settings and can get anyone get back on their feet after dealing with a stressful situation such as a divorce or the loss of a job.

As a side note, it is important to understand that there are many different types of professionals who can assist you in improving your psychological well-being, such as therapists, counselors, and psychologists. However, there’s no difference between counselor and counsellor, as those are just two spelling variants of the same word.

A counselor can help you develop the right mindset to take care of your physical and psychological health at the same time. If you do not feel strong enough to walk this journey alone, don’t be afraid to seek help. No one ever doubted that life can be very challenging and, sometimes, a helpful hand is all we need to be joyful and productive persons once again.