Oral Emergencies- Quick Prep Tips For Hassle-Free Treatment

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Oral emergencies strike when you expect them the least, so they can take you by surprise. Although it is easy to panic when you experience pain and bleeding, keeping calm is the best way to handle the situation. Knowing an emergency dentist available to provide same-day care gives you peace of mind. Also, you should be ready for the emergency visit to ensure the best results. Let us share a few quick prep tips for hassle-free treatment during unexpected emergencies.

Find a reliable clinic nearby

A local clinic nearby is the best place to get quick help when disaster hits. Driving to the other end of the city or struggling through traffic to reach the clinic is the last thing you should do. It is better to research beforehand and check the options easily accessible from your location. Reaching the clinic on time can prevent excess bleeding and save a knocked-out tooth. Go through the services, pricing, timings, and emergency appointment process to be on the safe side. 

Rinse your mouth with salt water

Keeping your mouth clean is crucial when it comes to dealing with a sudden problem. Whether you experience pain due to an oral infection or bleeding after an injury, rinsing your mouth with salt water helps. A saltwater rinse cleans the mouth and kills bacteria, which can be helpful in preventing infection. Avoid hot or cold beverages as they may irritate the affected area. 

Control the bleeding

Bleeding is the most common outcome of dental trauma, and it can be scary. Controlling bleeding after an oral emergency or injury should be the top priority. Use clean gauze to maintain pressure on the source until reaching the dental clinic. You must visit the emergency room if the injury is severe and the blood loss seems life-threatening, but it happens only in rare cases.

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Preserve the knocked-out tooth

Traumatic dental emergencies often involve a knocked-out tooth. You may experience a lost filling or crown as well. Dentists recommend preserving the tooth, crown, or filling as they may possibly be repositioned in their place. Clean the tooth and immerse it in milk while heading to the emergency clinic. Your dentist will probably try to save the tooth because it is the best solution.  

Ask for help instead of going alone

Dental emergencies often required complicated treatments such as surgical procedures for tooth replacement. The situation is stressful, and dental trauma can aggravate it further. You can ask a friend or family member to accompany you, as having someone by your side provides moral support. Moreover, you may not be in a position to drive while bleeding or returning home on sedation after invasive treatment. Letting an attendant drive also enables you to preserve your tooth and manage the bleeding.

An emergency procedure after an oral injury can be stressful, but keeping your cool can help you deal with it better. You can call the clinic and explain the situation on the way to get quick and effective care on reaching there.