Obtaining Medical Insurance

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As modernization has crept its way up into our daily lives, it has significantly affected our lifestyle too. With every advanced technology being introduced, our lives have gotten a little better, more comfortable, and luxurious as well. But, despite all these, modernization has definitely resulted in an increase in the cost of living. And it is increasing as days are passing by. For example, earlier, medical treatments were not that much expensive. 

In today’s era, medical expenses have shot up and are sure to burn a hole into your pocket if you choose to opt for the best medical care. Therefore, obtaining medical insurance is a wise decision, as it covers the maximum (or even full) expenses of medical treatment. 

If you are thinking of getting medical insurance for yourself (or your family), Healthplan can be a smart choice. It lets you compare and contrast different health policies before picking the right one that suits your budget and needs as well.

What Is Medical Insurance?

First things first, let us first understand the concept or idea of medical insurance. A medical or health insurance is a type of insurance, which offers coverage of a whole, or a part, of an individual who is subject to medical expenses. 

Here, the insurer, who can be a government undertaken agency or a private organization, creates policies on the basis of monthly, quarterly yearly premiums, which funds the medical expenses of the person or a family covered under that policy.

Types of Medical Insurance

As of today, there is an array of medical insurances present in the UK, which has made it more convenient for the citizens to choose a plan that is most suitable to them. Some of the types of medical insurances prevailing in the UK market are stated below:

health insurance

Family Health Insurance

As goes by the name, all of your family members are covered if you choose to take up a family health insurance plan. Generally, children of a family are covered till their 18 years of age. There are also plans that extend the coverage of a child beyond 18 years if they are enlisted to full-time education. During a medical issue, such as a disease or an injury, family medical insurance assists and covers the expenses of treatment of your family members. You might even be able to select a hospital according to your choice, based on the family policy you’ve bought.

Children Health Insurance

With the passing days, new kinds of ailments and diseases are rising in numbers. And it is not that only adults or the aged people are getting affected. Children, too, are prone to many diseases, during which they need medical assistance and special treatments. Therefore, children’s health insurance is a dedicated policy that covers up a child’s medical needs till the age of 18. These policies enable parents to get the best treatment for their child, for any disease starting from basic cold flu to some serious ailment.

Many insurance companies provide child health insurance in 3 plans – basic, medium, and comprehensive. While the first two categories provide coverage for all basic expenses, a comprehensive plan goes a step further. A comprehensive plan covers mental therapies, counseling, and other additional treatments. It is also an expensive plan than the other two.

Health Insurance for Pre-Existing Conditions

If a person is already suffering from a pre-existing condition, will they be eligible to take up a health insurance plan?

Well, the answer is definitely affirmative! A pre-existing condition is simply an ailment for which you have consulted with a doctor, diagnosed your issue, and have received treatment for that process. But, all of this has been done before the commencement of your insurance plan. Although it might be a little difficult to find a plan which best suits your interests, pre-existing conditions are no longer a cause of hindrance for getting medical insurance for such kinds of patients.

Added to these, there are several other medical insurance categories, like:

  • Health insurance for people above 70
  • Health insurance for people over 60
  • Health insurance for people above 50
  • Couple health insurance
  • Health insurance for self-employed, etc.

Companies Offering Medical Insurance in the UK

Listed below are the companies which provide medical insurance assistance in the UK:

  • Freedom Health Insurance
  • Vitality
  • Aviva
  • Axa
  • Bupa
  • The Exeter
  • Simplyhealth

Factors Affecting the Cost of a Health Insurance Plan

The cost of a particular medical insurance plan depends on the following factors:

  • Location of your residence
  • Age of the applicant(s)
  • The amount of coverage a plan is providing


Therefore, to manage the rising costs of medical treatments and hospitals today, medical insurance is very much necessary. It not only helps in covering your treatment expenses but also helps from hefty expenditures during medical attention. Furthermore, it may also cover additional treatments, counseling, etc., and allow you to choose your preferred hospital, according to the plan.