7 Tips Before Selecting a Marijuana Dispensary

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Your search for the perfect dispensary to purchase your cannabis can be a tiresome one. To make sure you are getting nothing but the best weed money can buy, it’s imperative that your dispensary meets specific standards and sets itself apart from its competition. 

That’s because, since the passing of the Farm Bill, several dispensaries keep popping up, both online and in-store. However, ascertaining the quality and purity of their products can be a headache for the average buyer. 

Hence, whether you want to buy marijuana for recreational or medical use, the following seven criteria can help narrow down the dispensaries in your area. 


Cannabis has two main vital components that are CBD and THC. The former is non-psychoactive, found mostly in medical marijuana products. The latter, on the other hand, is psychoactive and usually present in recreational weed. 

Top cannabis dispensaries like High Society OK will have various strains to choose from. These strains will also have different levels of each component, so customers know what to expect before paying cash. Also, the quantity or price per gram counts a great deal. Verifying how much a given dispensary charges for one gram is vital, even though you don’t want to compromise on quality. 

Customer Reviews

It’s quite likely that a friend, family, or someone close to you likes cannabis. Asking an experienced friend about the quality of service and the product offered by a dispensary may be your best bet for learning about the quality of a dispensary. However, if you don’t know anyone who can vouch for the dispensaries under consideration, checking online reviews will give you insight into what kind of experience you can expect from the marijuana dispensaries in your area. 

When looking through online reviews, remember to go for trustworthy websites with a good track record of actual customer feedback. Usually, even the best dispensaries will have a few average or bad reviews. But if most previous customers say negative things about any dispensary, this is a bad sign, and you want to stay away. 


You won’t want to spend hours traveling if you don’t have to. This is especially true for those using cannabis as a pain reliever and requires dispensaries to be nearby. The physical strain involved in traveling can have adverse effects on the sick. Also, it can become an extra cost. 

For convenience, you may want to research and only opt for dispensaries that offer delivery services. Such dispensaries are ideal for those with medical conditions or injuries preventing them from traveling or freely moving around. Overall, you have to factor in the cost of the product, the delivery, and your transportation. 


Medical Cannabis

When you walk into a cannabis dispensary, one of the first things to come to mind may be which budtender can help you the most. A good budtender should know enough about what they have to offer and communicate well enough, not to overwhelm customers who are just starting with marijuana use. 

Customer Service

Additionally, knowledgeable staff members are in the best position to explain the dos and don’ts of each strain. Their assistance can be just a call away, and they’ll offer the support you need to choose the best type of cannabis for you and tell you ways to keep your stash in good condition or use it effectively for the best results. 

Forms of Cannabis on Sale

Since the use of marijuana began to rise in popularity, the ways of consumption have also increased. Today, people have different ways to take cannabis, and not everyone wants to smoke their marijuana. Some cannabis users prefer to make infused cannabis products and edibles for a more mellow experience. 

Others decide to use CBD oil by adding a few drops to food or under the tongue. Should you be in any of these categories, it’s vital to note down the different forms of cannabis available at a dispensary before paying it a visit. Finding a place that offers all the strains and forms of cannabis you like and becoming a loyal customer can help you enjoy discounts and many other customer loyalty programs in the long term. 

Accepted Modes of Payment

Perhaps, there’s no worst buying experience like visiting a store, picking your products, and reaching the checkout counter only to be told they only accept cash. This can be the case in some marijuana dispensaries because they only take cash payments. At present, some federal laws still do not favor the cannabis industry, and the banks are obligated to follow these laws. 

So even though some dispensaries are ready to go above and beyond to accommodate their customers, you can save everyone some trouble by checking their acceptable modes of payment. So before pulling out your credit card at any marijuana dispensary, make sure you research your dispensary’s payment methods first.

Wrapping up

It makes no difference if you use your marijuana for recreational or medical purposes. It’s always better to purchase from a licensed dispensary. Choosing these dispensaries will give you peace of mind knowing that the products are high quality, free from pesticides and other harmful substances, and approved by the relevant authorities. 

Furthermore, these dispensaries require state ID when purchasing marijuana, so be prepared before visiting one!