Most Noteworthy Benefits of CoolTone Treatment for a Toned Body

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The fitness industry is flourishing these days. The craze for going to the gym and having a toned body is increasing at a rapid rate. Taking the advantage of this obsession, fitness companies are making a crazy amount of money. 

Most people today are highly influenced by celebrities and their toned bodies and desperately want to look like them. According to a study, when people don’t see results going to the gym, they become depressed and make desperate attempts to lose weight by starving and crash diets. Doing this makes them lose their appetite and they start looking really sick in time. Well, not to worry as there is a non-invasive procedure on the market known as CoolTone that promises the desired body you craved without any side effects. 

Now there is no need for a crash diet, excessive exercising, or starvation to lose weight. Let science and technology make that happen for you with the help of CoolTone.

What Is CoolTone Treatment? 

Dermatologists claim that CoolTone is a body contouring treatment, which helps people get rid of excessive fat, tighten their skin and help tone their muscles. The treatment is FDA cleared and it’s mainly used for toning muscles in the buttock, thigh, and abdomen.

Pioneered by the creators of CoolSculpting, CoolTone uses electromagnetic energy to conduct the process. It enables you to build up your muscles without having to spend a lot of time at the gym. 

When the device comes in contact with the area of your body that you want to target, it penetrates your muscle layers and strengthens your muscle fiber. A CoolTone device is reported to perform 25,000 contradictions in 30 minutes.

Here are the 7 Striking Benefits of CoolTone Treatment:

1. Quick and effective

What if we tell you that one session of CoolTone treatment is equivalent to 25,000 squats? Shocking, right? But the statement is true. This device uses MMS (muscle stimulation technology) to provide an extreme contradiction to your muscles. 

The same contradiction of muscles can be achieved in the gym but that can take several weeks. CoolTone is a 30-minute session that has zero downtime. So just after the session, you can resume your daily life and perform your routine work.

 2. No surgery 

One of the body contouring surgeries that is commonly performed for obese patients is known as bariatric surgery. During this process, there may arise several complications such as excessive bleeding, infection, or superficial wounds. However, for CoolTone treatment, there is no such issue.

3. Fat cells 

The beauty of this procedure is the fact that it shrinks your fat cells. When your fat is toned then that means you are getting rid of the unwanted weight and curves in your body. This is the reason why many people are opting for CoolTone treatment.

4. FDA approved 

There are lots of influencers on social media who suggest a product or treatment and their followers blindly follow them. They don’t fact-check if their body is suited for it or if it is FDA approved. They lose their money on purchasing this product and their output is zero. 

With CoolTone, there is no such issue. The treatment is FDA approved so that means it’s safe and super secure to be applied to your body. 

5. CoolTone is Painless

For some people, the thought of muscle toning through surgery makes them back out from getting the treatment since pain and needles are involved. 

For CoolTone, this is never a problem as the treatment uses a breakthrough technology like the AMP (active magnetic pulse) that makes muscle toning a painless process. 

Muscles in French anatomical engraving – Photo by: University of Liverpool Faculty of Health & Life Sciences

6. More powerful than EMSCULPT

EMSCULPT was the first device that could be used on your body to build muscles. It used electromagnetic energy to achieve muscle toning. The unit of electromagnetic energy is tesla. So Emsculpt used 0.9 tesla to sculpt your body whereas CoolTone uses 1.35 tesla to tone your body. 

This comparison shows that CoolTone uses 50 % more electromagnetic energy than Emsculpt to contract your muscles and give you the desired result.

7. 100 % natural 

There are a lot of aesthetic treatments on the market, which don’t look natural when implemented. This is not the case with CoolTone. This treatment is 100 % natural, thus indicating that you won’t feel a massive difference before and after the treatment. 

Should I get this treatment? 

The answer is a resounding yes.  Users who have taken this treatment have praised it for its efficiency and non-invasiveness. Being FDA-approved, it shows it’s safe and can be applied to anybody. Also, this treatment has no downtime and hence, you can carry on with your routine work post-session.