5 Non-Surgical Treatments You Can Take To Get a Beautiful Skin

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The quality and smooth texture of our skin degrade over time. Plenty of factors work behind this degradation; poor diet, oil accumulation, stress, anxiety, dirt, and pollution are just some of the more common ones. However, just because the skin loses its natural appeal does not mean that you cannot get it back. 

Traditional skin treatment methods were mostly surgical, but many modern and advanced ones cancel out the need for surgery. These non-surgical treatments are just as effective, if not more, than the surgical ones, and are completely safe too.

While there are many such treatments available, you should take a closer look at five of them. These include anti-aging/wrinkle injections, facelifts, dermal fillers, cheek fillers, and lip fillers noosa. You may need to get more than one of these treatments, depending on the condition of your skin, and what your doctor suggests. For now, let us look into these procedures and how they can help get you that beautiful skin.  

#1 Anti-Ageing Injections

Wrinkles develop on your skin over time due to the contraction of your muscles. It is a natural process that is bound to happen. 

With anti-aging injections, you can limit the contraction of your muscles to a great extent. The muscles will still contract, but these contractions cannot form wrinkles that easily. And the wrinkles that do form over time are hard to notice. 

The effects of anti-aging injections can last up to an entire year if you take proper care of your skin. Afterward, you can take these injections again, given that your doctor allows you to do so.

#2 Non-Surgical Facelift

While anti-aging injections deal with muscle contractions, a non-surgical facelift is a process that involves the use of dermal fillers along with anti-aging injections to deal with sagging. Sagging causes the skin to drop down, and the facelift treatment helps rejuvenate the face.

Facelift treatments take effect within just a couple of days. Their impact is usually long-lasting, with the scope of getting more injections in the future. This treatment will give your face and neck a proper shape, reduce wrinkles, and ensure a smooth texture on your skin, which will make you look youthful.

#3 Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers are used to treat lips and for face lifting purposes too. However, they are more commonly used to define the chin and jawline. You can use dermal fillers to give your jaw a sharp look. The injections will also make sure that the texture of your skin remains smooth and natural.

Dermal fillers are also used to treat the upper lips from ‘smoker lines.’ They can also reduce lines and wrinkles from your skin. These fillers are actively used for non-surgical facelift treatment where it helps give the client a fine jawline.

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#4 Lip Fillers

Lip fillers are made of Hyaluronic acid, a natural substance found in the skin. These injections give the lips more volume and help improve their shape and overall appearance. You might want to get these injections if you have thin lips, or if they lack a proper shape. A lip fillers Edmonton doctor can give your lips a much fuller look with ease.

Your doctor might also suggest you use these fillers to improve the lips’ symmetry and give it a beautiful and natural look.

#5 Cheek Fillers

Like lip fillers, Hyaluronic acid is inserted into your skin to restore its plump and youthful appeal. Effects of cheek fillers can last up to two years, and the change is quite noticeable. These fillers are widely used to define the facial structure, especially around the cheekbones. 

The added volume from these fillers will look completely natural. It will not feel as if someone had injected a load of silicon into your skin to make it feel chubby or plump.

Given such treatments are relatively new to most people, there will always be some concerns among the patients. In such cases, all you need to do is ask them about it.

Hedox Clinic, a leading cosmetics clinic in the United Kingdom that offers injection-based therapies, offers its clients a free consultation session before the procedure. Clients get to consult Dr. Humble, a highly qualified and experienced aesthetic doctor, who walks them through the procedures, and how things will work. He will also lay down further instructions that you might need to follow for better results. 

In case you are confused about any of the procedures, or worried about anything, feel free to ask the doctor. And once they have cleared all your confusions, you can go ahead with the treatment, and achieve that beautiful skin that you have been wanting.