A New Registry will Deliver Drug Supply Chain Transparency and Fight Drug Counterfeiting


A medical communication company, Trust.med, has launched a Registry that will deliver a critical new tool in the fight against counterfeit drugs – while giving the pharmaceutical industry needed transparency and insight 

The new Registry provides a discovery mechanism for contact details, pharmaceutical product data, trading partner locations, and verification information for 35,000 drug products represented by the NDC.

World Health Organization:  Subpar or Fake Drugs a Critical Problem

According to the World Health Organization almost 10.5% of the medications worldwide are either subpar or fake. To combat this staggering figure, the Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA) mandated that the industry establish an interoperable electronic system for collaboration between manufacturers, wholesale distributors, and pharmacies, and other dispensaries to enable tracking and tracing of serialized products at the package level.

Trust.med’s Registry for Contact and Verification:  a New Tool to Fight a Growing Issue

Trust.med’s Registry for Contact and Verification is designed to keep counterfeit, contaminated, or otherwise harmful drugs out of the pharma supply chain. A recent counterfeiting incident involved the popular drug Ozempic, when a licensed pharmacy unknowingly dispensed a counterfeit of the drug containing insulin glargine rather than the semaglutide found in Ozempic, leading to an adverse reaction in the patient.

Available through an API or by using a web browser, Trust.med’s Contact and Verification Registry accomplishes mission-critical results:

  • Creates discoverability, answering the questions: Who do I ask? How do I ask?
  • Gives manufacturers dot med domains for individual products with easily customizable features for sharing contact and drug product information.
  • Allows pharmacies and other dispensaries to access all drug information using the NDC, GTIN, or 2D Data Matrix to verify products. Enables authorized trading partners to successfully implement data exchange practices in alignment with DSCSA guidelines—including drop shipments.
  • Drug Manufacturers can register their business and update DSCSA contact information by visiting trust.med/registration/

Trust.med handles all of the data transfer, tracking, and compliance required by the DSCSA, so manufacturers, pharmacies, hospitals, and other members of the pharmaceutical supply chain don’t have to.

Trust.med is a member of the Partnership for DSCSA Governance (PDG)a public-private partnership with the Food & Drug Administration (FDA), the Healthcare Distribution Alliance (HDA), and more than a dozen other thought leaders, technology experts, and stakeholders working on the digitization, serialization, discoverability, and verification of pharmaceutical drugs in the U.S.