Neonatal Specialists: Who’s Who During Pregnancy, Birth, and Newborn Care

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Expecting a newborn child can be one of the most rewarding but also anxiety-invoking experiences you can have, as you want to ensure you provide the best care possible. The main focus for all parents is a safe and memorable delivery, key to this is the neonatal specialists who will help you from beginning to end. While some might overlook these experts and their experience they have an important role to play in the process. In this blog post, we discuss the various roles that they play so you’re prepared.

What are Neonatal Specialists?

Neonatal Specialists are crucial experts in the field of newborn care and are trained to care for all newborns including ones with particular conditions or just need some extra care. They work closely with pediatricians, nurses, and other healthcare professionals to engage in tasks such as monitoring the vital signs of newborns, administering medication, and performing medical procedures.

Another important role is communication as they often speak with families so updates on the newborn’s condition are understood by all. These specialists play an integral role in the entire process from pre-birth to post-delivery, making sure that the newborn receives the best care available, let’s look at some of the main specialists you’ll see during your pregnancy.

Neonatal Nurses

Neonatal nurses are specialists that provide critical support for new parents but this extends far beyond the traditional role of nurses which is demonstrated by the educational requirements for a neonatal nurse. They are often involved with newborns when they experience difficult health complications and understand the challenges and emotional rollercoasters that new parents face when things like this happen. The Neonatal nurse supports the family by not only understanding the conditions but playing a vital role in supporting and advocating for the newborn during this time of need.


Obstetricians are at the forefront of care for mothers to be during the entire process of childbirth who are from every step from pregnancy, delivery and postpartum. They are there to care for and support women through their journey. Starting with monitoring their pregnancy and the health of the baby while it’s in the womb. Then they assist with the delivery (if you choose not to home birth) and this means providing support to make sure that the delivery is safe and healthy, not just for the baby but the mother as well. After birth, the obstetrician is still there for anything that the mother might need which includes ensuring the mother recovers well physically and mentally after what can be an overwhelming experience.


You’ve probably heard of Pediatricians before but these professionals are specially trained doctors, who predominately assist in caring for children but also infants. For newborn mothers, pediatricians play an important role by providing care and guidance to parents and caregivers, they start during the first few weeks of a baby’s life and monitor the newborn’s growth and development, but then support the children as they get into their developmental phases. Things like vaccinations and nutrition advice also an integral role for these specialists and working with the family to create the ideal environment for these children is also practised by pediatricians.

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Lactation Consultants

While it might seem natural to some, many new mothers might struggle with the nuances and intricacies of breastfeeding, this is where lactation consultants can make a huge difference. The role of a lactation consultant is to offer guidance to mothers so they can overcome any obstacles during the breastfeeding process. Which includes things like nutrition, latching techniques, how to improve their own milk quality and supply as well as important emotional support during the process. While often overlooked, lactation consultants can make a world of difference in the health and development of your child during these important formative years.


Newborn care is a complex and sensitive process, but thankfully there are many qualified professionals who can help parents through this journey. Getting a good understanding of all of these professionals’ roles during the process can help dramatically in ensuring the best outcomes for you and your newborn. While the process in itself may be daunting with the right guidance you can shift it to become one of the most enriching and empowering experiences as a new parent.