3 natural products that can help your pup cope with Cushing’s disease in dogs!

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There is nothing worse than when your pup is feeling sick and you don’t know what to do about it. If your dog has a chronic illness that you need to fix such as Cushing’s disease, consider using all-natural ways to help your canine cope with the unwanted symptoms. 

Let’s see the best natural and holistic methods to help ease symptoms and get them enjoying life once more! 

3 natural ways to help remedy Cushing’s disease in dogs!

See more many ways in which you can help your dog ease their unwanted symptoms by using all-natural or organic products. 

Instead of using harsh painkillers or medications that can exacerbate symptoms and not treat the root cause of the issue, these holistic methods can help your dog get back on its feet and love the little things again. 

There are mainly herbal formulas and natural options that can aid your dog with the symptoms of Cushing’s disease. Some choices include Astragalus, Turmeric, Horsetail, Cleavers, Panax Ginseng, or Burdock. By choosing between one of these all-natural herbs and roots to treat the symptoms, you can ensure you are using a safe and reliable product that will not make anything worse with your dog’s health!


Astragalus is a root harvested from plants that are cream-colored and available in powder, glycerite, and other tinctures. Used for over 2,000 years, this herb is one of the most fundamental options that is typically used in strengthening immunity and helping with a wide range of conditions in humans and dogs.

The indications of when to use this for a human include poor immune function, viral infection, cancer, and HIV. The same goes for dogs, with the symptoms of Cushing’s being a good indication that it is time to try Astragalus to help with fatigue, stress, and poor immune function. Known as a powerful immune supporter, Astragalus is a good tonic for general whole-body health. 


Turmeric has many benefits for pups, especially those who are dealing with Cushing’s disease in dogs! Turmeric can help dogs with joint conditions due to the anti-inflammatory effects that help reduce symptoms of arthritis and joint inflammation. Furthermore, turmeric can help reduce the chances of blood clotting and ensure proper digestion. 


Horsetail herb

Horsetail herb is a plant that is grown in the Northern Hemisphere and is commonly used with both cats and dogs. Known to help treat infections in the urinary tract, this herb is beneficial to help treat kidney stones, reduce swelling, and help with going to the bathroom during times of constipation. 

Other uses of the horsetail herb with dogs include reducing the symptoms of Cushing’s disease in dogs! Furthermore, this herb can help with healing broken bones, repairing torn ligaments, and treating infected gums and bleeding mouths of dogs and cats.


As you can see, using holistic herbs and roots is an absolute must when it comes to reducing the unwanted symptoms of Cushing’s disease in dogs! To reduce your pup’s discomfort, make sure you try using Astragalus, turmeric, or horsetail herb to lessen any pain or concerns with your dog.