Mind-Blowing Cannabis Facts You Didn’t Know

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Cannabis is almost mainstream today because of its consistent growth. It is now fully legal in more countries, except for a few outliers in specific markets. 37 American states now allow medical marijuana use for recreational use. Nevertheless, not all locations have implemented these programs yet. 

Because of this growth, more people are interested in learning more about cannabis. Even so, many people know little about it despite its growing popularity. Therefore, this article focuses on ten incredible, mind-blowing facts about cannabis that you potentially didn’t know. Read on to find out.

Nearly Half a Million Americans Work in the Cannabis Industry

About half a million people now work full time in the cannabis industry in the U.S, as more and more states launch and mature their cannabis markets, according to a Leafly report. Like Connecticut and New York, some states are preparing to implement retail sales to drive further growth. But given the ongoing challenges businesses have faced because of the pandemic, the new 2021 figures are already impressive.

By the end of 2021, there were 107,059 new jobs created in the marijuana industry, compared to 32,700 jobs in 2019 and 77,300 jobs in 2020. Marijuana industry growth far outpaces traditional markets, according to the report. Last year, job growth exceeded 27% for the fifth year in a row. In contrast, the economic growth rate for businesses and financial occupations in the decade ending in 2030 will be only 8%. In addition, the report predicts that there will be upwards of 1.75 million jobs in the marijuana industry. 

It also makes other exciting observations, providing further context on the marijuana market’s size in 2021. For instance, analysts claim three times as many people are working in the cannabis industry selling various cannabis products like premium-grade hash —an Indica hybrid with a savory flavor and aroma as dentists. Marijuana-related jobs also exceed those of hairstylists, barbers, and cosmetologists combined.

Illegal Marijuana Sale Is Punishable by Death in Some Countries

Marijuana laws in a few states in the United States are incredibly harsh. Yet, these are relatively mild in comparison with other nations. It is not uncommon to see individuals executed for selling marijuana in Saudi Arabia. The kingdom beheads around 150 people each year. Most of them are drug dealers. In 2014, the kingdom allegedly executed four men for smuggling cannabis.

Iran also executes marijuana dealers routinely. Over 500 grams of marijuana can get you killed in Singapore. In 2016, they hung a Nigerian man after catching him in possession of 2.6 kilograms of marijuana.

Support for Legalizing Marijuana Has Hit the Highest Level Ever

Pew Research Center’s 2019 poll found that 67% of Americans support legalizing marijuana. Compared to 2010, only 32% of respondents believe the practice should remain illegal. Surprisingly, 55% of Republican respondents or respondents leaning that way favored legalizing marijuana.

It is not surprising that 76% of Millennials supported it compared to only 35% of Boomers. Many of the Millennials were born in 1981-1997. Those born between 1946 and 1964 are Boomers. It’s interesting to note that 64% of the Silent generation favors cannabis legalization. It refers to those born between 1928 and 1945.

Cannabis Strains Might Benefit in Reducing Seizures

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It’s mind-blowing to know that cannabis is an excellent ingredient for curtailing seizures in patients with epilepsy. Some patients have sworn by its healing power, but experts are still trying to figure out how it does so.

Charlotte’s Web—a low-THC and high-CBD cannabis strain conceived by a young girl, is the best example of all time. The 13-year-old Charlotte Figi had a horrifying amount of seizures, around 300 each week, when she was a severe epilepsy patient. However, her symptoms have primarily subsided since she began taking an oil made with a strain of marijuana that has a low THC content.

Cannabis Reacts Differently Between Men and Women

Men and women react differently to cannabis. When other factors are constant, a male and female couple smoking the same pot can experience different short-term and long-term outcomes. According to a study, women exhibit greater tolerance to cannabis than men. 

Sometimes, women are more susceptible to the effects of THC in cannabis during ovulation. The women developed more tolerance to the medication within ten days, no matter the dose during that time of the month. It means that women are more sensitive than men.

Plantations of Illegal Marijuana in California Endangered Animal Species

At one time, there was an exposure of lethal doses of rat poison at Northwest California wildlife. There are many illegal cannabis farms in the region, which is likely why. In 2018, Avian Conservation and Ecology published some depressing research.

In the study, 70% of Northern spotted owls had rat poison on their bodies. Approximately 40% of barred owls also tested positive for the substance. In Humboldt County alone, the researchers estimate nearly 5,000 private cannabis growing facilities. Few of these facilities, however, had legal permits.

These farms have high pesticide and rodenticide use, which inhibits birds and mammals from producing vitamin K. This leads to coagulation and clotting problems. The poor animals could suffer uncontrollable bleeding.

It’s Been There For Many Years

The use of cannabis dates back many years. People have used it in all periods of history, but most people associate it with the 1960s.

In ancient China, they used seeds as a food source. They could also make oil and rope from it. Later, they made textiles from it. With the help of the Chinese, cannabis and its diverse uses, including those for medicine and paper, reached other parts of the world as they traded with nearby cultures.

For ‌these reasons and more, cannabis plants were so popular that they became a commercial industry—the government-mandated commercial cultivation in America for decades. The government even mandated commercial cultivation in Asia, including the Philippines. After World War II, hemp farms ended in America, and people concentrated on medical and smoking uses of cannabis plants.

Concluding Thoughts

More people have been using or advocating for the use of marijuana recently. However, they know little about this wonder herb. Therefore, this article provides some of the mind-blowing facts you didn’t know about cannabis.