What methods do drug users utilize to deceive testing?

drug abuse

We all probably heard from our addicted friends (if there is anyone like that) that they cheated on drug tests in order to avoid getting caught by the police or deceiving some government agency. You may be surprised to learn that drug tests are very identical to pregnancy tests in a way that many drugs tests have only yes or no as answers, and that is it. This allows many schemes or evasion methods to live. Please enjoy this article about what methods do drug users utilize to deceive testing. 

Synthetic urine is already a reality

Everyone gets taken aback when they learn that drug users may make use of synthetic urine to avoid positive drug testing. Synthetic urine is even available and is successfully marketed on the market. The most popular one is the Quick Fix brand. A small bottle of this synthetic fluid can be hidden anywhere. The user can keep it in their pocket at all times and use it secretively when he or she is caught. Addicts who often use drugs usually conceal it in their underwear. 

People often use synthetic urine not to hide from policemen but so their parents or close relatives would not know about the problem. That is why the police always try to talk to close family members first to determine whether suspects have been using various substances before. 

What are other ways drug addicts evading bad results in drug testing?

Addiction to drugs is a long-standing illness that inflicts pain on whole families, not just the users themselves. Doesn’t matter how much we fight drugs. Its users will constantly seek ways to find strategies to eliminate poisonous compounds from its usage.

  • A pharmacy is a good place to get large quantities of fish oil at a reasonable price. It has the ability to aggressively increase lipids, which aid in the acceleration of metabolism and the reduction of after-drug residues. 
  • Consume at least 2 to 3 liters of mineral water along with a sauna or very warm bath. This, according to popular belief, will help you get the most poisonous compounds from the body. 
  • When it comes to drug detoxification, vitamin B2 mixture is frequently utilized for its effectiveness. Multivitamins are generally considered to be very safe and helpful for your health even if there is no drug usage.
  • Long run or long physical training. Sweating is an active releaser of toxins from the body. It’s important to remember that physical exercise might put a burden on the cardiovascular system, which under drug misuse may be extremely deadly.

Professional detoxification 

Professional medical techniques are capable of achieving high levels of detoxification efficiency in very short periods of time. It is preferable to do this detox to aid in your body’s healing rather than to avoid drug tests. In order to establish the optimal mix of processes, each case is reviewed on an individual basis. It is always a good idea to make professional detoxification after using any drugs. It is far safer than any homemade approach. 


We are opposed to any method of getting around drug testing. Let’s keep it short, anyone who wants to employ such a method means he or she is a drug user. A drug free person has nothing to be scared of since there is nothing to be afraid of. If someone is having issues with narcotic substances, it is essential to get professional assistance. A solid rule of thumb while dealing with drug addiction is to keep your head down and avoid eye contact. A person’s drug addiction is a chronic condition that does not go away on its own. It is necessary to seek professional assistance.