A Step-by-Step Guide on Using Synthetic Urine For a Drug Test

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Drug testing is becoming more prevalent across various sectors, including transportation and healthcare. Many employers require drug tests as a condition for employment or continued employment. Use synthetic urine as a stand-in for your own if you’re worried about failing a drug test, but be warned about the fact that this may constitute a crime in your state. Synthetic urine is a lab-created product miming human urine’s chemical and physical properties and is available online or at certain retail stores. This article will walk you through the process of using synthetic urine for a drug test – but please, note that this activity is an illegal one, so you should never do that to cheat a test.

Choose a Reputable Brand of Synthetic Urine

Choosing a reputable brand of synthetic urine is essential to ensure that the product contains the correct balance of chemicals and is not detectable as a fake. One of the best synthetic urine brands includes Quick Fix.

Prepare the Synthetic Urine

Most synthetic urine brands come in powder or liquid form and require activation before use. Shake the bottle of synthetic urine to ensure that all the components are mixed evenly. Remove the cap, place the bottle in the center of the microwave, and heat the synthetic urine on high for 10 seconds. Alternatively, a heating pad can bring the synthetic urine to the appropriate temperature. Replace the cap after removing the container from the microwave and ensure it is firmly screwed on.

Check the Temperature

One of the most crucial aspects of using synthetic urine is getting the temperature right. Human urine is typically between 90 and 100 degrees Fahrenheit, so the synthetic urine must also fall within this range to be believable. Use a thermometer or strip to check the temperature of the synthetic urine before the drug test. 

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Hide the Synthetic Urine

Once you have prepared the synthetic urine and checked the temperature, you must find a way to hide it during the drug test. You can use a small container concealed in your underwear or clothing for a urine test. Some synthetic urine brands come with a container designed to be worn close to the body.

Submit the Sample

Pour the synthetic urine into the testing container or cup when submitting the sample. Pour enough to meet the required volume, typically around 30 milliliters. Hand the sample to the drug test administrator, carefully concealing any containers or other materials hiding synthetic urine. The administrator may ask for another sample if the synthetic urine temperature falls outside the acceptable range.

Discard any Remaining Synthetic Urine

Once the drug test is complete, dispose of any remaining synthetic urine and any materials used to hide it. Do not leave any evidence that you used synthetic urine, which may lead to disciplinary action.


Using synthetic urine for a drug test can be an effective way to pass it, but it is essential to follow the steps carefully to avoid detection. Choose a reputable synthetic urine brand, prepare it correctly, and check the temperature before submitting the sample. Remember to dispose of any evidence properly after the drug test is complete. With these steps in mind, you can increase your chances of passing a drug test.


Using synthetic urine for a drug test is an illegal practice and may constitute a crime. Meds News does not condone such activities, and only presents this article for educational purposes.