Meeting The Growing Demand For Locum Staffing

Medicine staff

The healthcare industry continues to struggle with staffing shortages. To fill gaps, many organizations turn to locum tenens providers. In fact, they are using these providers at historic rates as they work to provide patients with the highest level of care. The next step will be to meet the growing demand for locum tenens providers. Why is this so important?

Career Options

Physicians are sharing what they want in their jobs. They wish to have more involvement in decisions that affect them. Furthermore, they want to spend more time with patients and less time handling administrative tasks. Doctors who don’t get these things will leave an organization, as they have choices. Some of these professionals choose to serve as locum tenens while they search for a better fit. They are learning about Locumsmart and realize this may be a good place to land temporarily.

Excellent Reputation

Medical professionals look favorably on locum tenens. This is beneficial for all in the industry, as locum tenens who feel valued by permanent staff have a better chance of succeeding. Proper onboarding is one way to support these men and women as they come into a new practice.

Increased Usage

Locum tenens are found in over 60 percent of healthcare organizations today. One-third of these facilities state they use these professionals regularly. Of those taking part in the survey, 33 percent say they plan to use locum tenens more often in the future, while half state they will continue using them at the current rate. Staff burnout is one reason locum tenens remain in high demand. The global pandemic took a toll on those who work in this industry, and they now seek a better work/life balance. Locum tenens can reduce some of the burden on these professionals.

Filling Vacancies

Most healthcare organizations turn to locum tenens when they have open positions. However, more companies are now turning to them to accommodate rising patient demand. These practitioners ensure adequate coverage during busy periods. This usage has increased significantly since the global pandemic. However, locum tenens might also be used to cover a doctor who is on vacation or to fill in for someone who has left as well.

Specialty Positions

Family practitioners often turn to locum tenens when they need coverage, but the use of these temporary workers has declined in emergency medicine. Today, locum tenens are being required more in psychiatry and oncology practices. This is due in part to the global pandemic and its impact on mental health. Furthermore, the pandemic led to many people not seeking care in a timely manner. When they are diagnosed, their cancer is more advanced and they require additional care. During the pandemic, pulmonologists and cardiologists were the doctors in high demand.

Profitable Care

Leaders of medical organizations need to understand how to use and bill locum tenens. Those who master these two areas find the temporary provider brings in three times what they are paid. Not using these professionals leads to a loss in revenue, so they should be used whenever possible.

Locum tenens will continue to grow in popularity as they play a vital role in healthcare today. Organizations rely on these workers to fill staffing shortages and meet patient demands. Using locum tenens does have drawbacks. However, the benefits far outweigh these drawbacks, so this is one option every healthcare organization should consider.