Health Hunt: Easier Ways For Physicians to Conduct Their Job Searches

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Physicians looking for their next job have a lot of work to do. Not only do they need to find the right position, but they also have to conduct an efficient job search. The good news is that there are ways to make the process easier. There are several ways to look for an open position that don’t involve endless resume submissions and job postings.

Try Networking

Networking is one of the most important methods for finding a job. Physicians should attend conferences and meet-ups in their field, as well as reach out to colleagues and friends. LinkedIn is also a great resource for networking; physicians can search for groups related to their specialty and join conversations with professionals in their area.

Sign Up for a Recruiting Website

There are several sites that specialize in physician jobs. These websites make it easy for physicians to search for positions and apply online. Many of these sites also let employers save their preferred criteria so they can receive notifications when a position matching what they’re looking for becomes available.

Recruiting websites provide curated physician jobs that can be filtered by facility, specialty, or other detailed parameters. That way, when you’re doing your search, you know what the results you’re viewing and specific to your interests.

If you have multiple interests you want to pursue, you can also use these sites to build your candidate profile. That way, when a new position becomes available that matches one of your skills, the recruiter will be able to contact you.

Contact a Recruiter

If you want something more personal than a website, consider hiring a one-on-one recruiter.

Recruiters are experts in their field and can help physicians find positions that fit their criteria; they also work with hospitals to fill open positions quickly. Working with a recruiter doesn’t cost jobseekers anything, as the hospital is responsible for paying the recruiting fee. It’s essentially a way for physicians to have an expert working on their behalf at no cost to them.

Set Up Job Alerts or Email Notifications

Instead of checking websites daily, many sites allow users to sign up for alerts when new openings become available. This allows job seekers to receive notifications directly in their email inbox so they don’t miss out on any opportunities.

Use Job Boards to Research Employers

Job boards allow physicians to see what other people have said about companies they’re considering working with. Physicians can read reviews from current employees, as well as learn more about a company’s mission statement and values. This helps ensure that they’ll be happy in their new job.

Prepare for Interviews Ahead of Time

Interviews are stressful enough without having any preparation time beforehand. Formulate questions you want to ask each interviewer and make sure your resume is up-to-date. Have pre-meditated answers to common questions. This will help you stay calm and collected during the interview, increasing your chances of landing the job.

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Talk to People in The Industry

Physicians should talk to people in their field. Fellow physicians are connected with hospitals and healthcare facilities across the country that are looking for other professionals with specific qualifications. Talking to a peer is valuable because they can tell you if there’s a need for your specialty, what other focuses might be on-demand, where you could get hired right away and where it may take some time before you’re able to find work. The more information you have about the industry and job market ahead of time makes it easier to determine which cities or states might be good places for your job search. 

Look for Open Positions at Hospitals

Another way to find an open position is to look for hospitals that are hiring. Many hospitals have their own website where they list all of the available positions. Sometimes, physicians can also find job postings on hospital social media pages or in local newspapers.

Consider Locum Tenens Work

Locum tenens work is a great option for physicians who want more flexibility or are taking a break from full-time work. This type of work allows you to choose your hours and locations and often comes with benefits like health insurance and 401k plans. There are many locum tenens agencies that connect physicians with short-term and long-term opportunities.

These are just a few of the ways that physicians can make their job search easier. With a little planning and effort, it’s possible to find the perfect position without spending hours online. Physicians who want to make their job search more efficient should try using some or all of these methods.