4 Different ways you can Legally Purchase Cannabis in Canada

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Medical Marijuana - Photo by: Yutaka Seki - Source: Flickr Creative Commons

The sale of marijuana in Canada for recreational purposes was legalized in 2018, and there are several ways that you can buy the product legally. Canada is only the second country around the globe to legalize recreational marijuana on a federal level. 

Whether you are new to the cannabis game, or a person who used to consume pot back in the day and want to get back into it because it is now legalized, or you are a seasoned stoner, purchasing weed can be slightly overwhelming and often a daunting experience. With a variety of different methods, purchasing cannabis might not seem that straightforward. 

To make the process a little less complex, we have created this article to help you out. 

Buying Weed from Your Local Dispensary

Since pot was legalized in Canada, there seem to be legal marijuana dispensaries popping up all over the country. Not every town has a weed store, however, the number of new stores is constantly growing throughout Canada. In major cities, there are plenty of pot stores to choose from, like this Toronto dispensary

A dispensary is a store that legally sells cannabis and marijuana products. Customers over a certain age are welcome, as long as they carry valid identification. They can browse through the stock and legally purchase weed products from the store. The legal age to buy weed in Canada varies from state to state. Some areas in the country like Alberta, allow a person aged 18 years old and over to legally walk into a dispensary and purchase weed products, while most other states only allow people who are over the age of 19 to buy marijuana. Quebec is the only state where a person has to be over 21 years old to buy pot legally. 

Dispensaries are just like any other store, they have different products on display, a checkout counter, and staff members available to help out customers. The only difference is they sell weed products instead of something else. The staff members who take care of the customers are known as “budtenders”. A good “budtender” will have incredible people skills and often provide top-notch customer service. They will help you find whatever it is you are looking for and they should be able to provide you with plenty of details about the different products available in the store. “Budtenders” often help create a safe and friendly environment in a dispensary, making the overall experience enjoyable. Don’t hesitate to ask any of the staff members for advice. 

Mail order Marijuana

Mail order Marijuana (MoM) is a mailing delivery service that consumers can take advantage of. Although there are a lot of people selling cannabis on the black market by sending weed products illegally through the post or by sending it through a private delivery service, some cannabis companies like Canna Cabana can legally send weed through the mail. 

This service is ideal for those who want to keep the fact that they use cannabis to themselves. Most reputable marijuana companies will package each product discreetly, so others can’t tell what they are receiving in the post.

A lot of people who consume cannabis use the product for health reasons. For many people suffering from underlying health problems, contracting Covid-19 can be extremely dangerous, so offering this service can help them avoid going out to a dispensary in person which will reduce the risk of them catching the deadly virus. Customers can expect to receive their product in three to five working days, however, some companies can have it delivered within 24 hours, depending on your location. 

Because Canada is such a large country, some people have to travel for hours to get to their nearest physical cannabis dispensary, so offering this service is the only realistic solution when it comes to purchasing pot. Most companies allow their customers to place orders online or by telephone. 

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Marijuana Drive-thru

There is an increasing number of cannabis drive-thrus opening up around Canada. These are normally part of dispensaries. Just like a drive-thru in a fast-food restaurant, there are two separate windows. The first window is where you place your order and pay for your product, and the second window is where you collect your order. It is very straightforward, and it is ideal during the ongoing pandemic because it encourages people to social distance. 

A lot of people who can’t physically go to a dispensary because of health problems can place an order by phone or online and they can have their product picked up by someone else either at the drive-thru or in the actual store itself. Each drive-thru has a “budtender” at the first window so they can help the customers with their orders. 

Sometimes, “budtenders” spend a lot of time with customers inside a dispensary. If a dispensary is very busy, it might take a long time for you to get the product you want, so a marijuana drive-thru might be a faster method of buying pot. If time isn’t on your side, buying your weed from the drive-thru might be a better option. 

Delivery Service

If you don’t live too far from a dispensary, there is a good chance they offer a delivery service. Instead of sending the product by mail or with a courier service, they have staff members who deliver products to their customers. You can place your order by phone or online and wait for the product to arrive without having to leave the house. 

Not only is this a convenient method of purchasing weed, but it also makes buying the product safer. If you have consumed any form of marijuana, driving a vehicle is extremely dangerous and illegal. Weed can affect a person’s reactions while driving. There have been serious accidents caused by people under the influence of marijuana, so this service is important for those who want to purchase weed without having to drive.  

The one downside that a lot of people find when purchasing weed online is that they don’t get to examine the product before they buy it. Although most cannabis dispensaries have a website with plenty of information about the different products they have for sale, nothing compares to going into a physical dispensary to look closely at the weed they have for sale. Checking out the smell and taking a close look at the different strains often helps customers pick out the product that suits them. 


Just because marijuana has become legal for medicinal and recreational use throughout Canada, doesn’t mean the black market has completely disappeared. Often, cannabis on the black market can be tempting to buy because it is normally cheaper to buy than purchasing from a legal dispensary, but there are plenty of reasons why you should avoid doing so.

The quality of the weed on the black market is rarely as good as the cannabis products found in a legal pot store. Most dispensaries test and monitor the quality of their products to ensure their customers get what they pay for. Also, both recreational and medicinal cannabis is taxed, so a lot of the money generated by legal cannabis goes back into funding schools, roads, hospitals, etc. Marijuana activists all over Canada have worked hard to get the product legal, so purchasing weed on the black market makes all their hard work a waste of time.