Keep Your Body at Its Best with These Tips


A word of warning, this is no exercise regime plan or fad diet to follow. Instead, if you’re ready to get started on your health journey and make your body better, they are the simple pillars of staying healthy that should be remembered while you are exercising and eating.

Read on for the tips you should carry with you on your journey to a healthier body.

Water, water, water!

It’s now a running joke about how much you need water, and how few of us are getting it. Your body cannot function without it, but most of us aren’t getting enough.

Keep your water nearby if you are working out to regulate your body temperature and lubricate your joints. But even if you spend all your time in front of a screen, you need to regulate your bodily fluids with water, that will aid digestion, circulation, absorption and more.

You’ll avoid headaches, sprains, cramps, as well as kidney and digestive issues, plus you’ll gain healthier hair, nails, and skin.

The party line is 2 liters a day, and that can sound daunting, so does 8 glasses, but it’s really not. You have one or two before leaving for work, aim for four during the day, and another two throughout the evening. You can grab yourself a large water bottle that follows your progress or mark off how much you should be drinking on a smaller water bottle.

Supplement what you’re not getting

If you’re on a restrictive diet, where you are cutting out something, be it meat, diary, carbs, etc. you will also be cutting out all the nutrients in that food. Very few food items are devoid of any benefits and when you cut out the bad stuff, you’re also cutting out the good stuff.

You can make this easier on your body by supplementing the good stuff. For example, you won’t be gaining the anti-inflammatory properties if you were to cut out leafy green veggies, so you can supplement these properties with turmeric powder, which has a range of medicinal purposes.

There are a lot of supplement options out there and can be easily swallowed as a pill in the morning or can be mixed into your workout water or made into a shake.

Remember a little goes a long way

Don’t get intimidated by the gym bros who look like they know what they’re doing. They all had to start somewhere for one thing.And do not expect to run into the gym and lift the biggest weight you find. You’ll just end up exhausted and sore, and possibly with an injury, but definitely with the notion that you’ll never want to do it again. As long as you’re doing more than nothing or your incidental daily exercise, you’ll get somewhere. You’ll need to find your limits and learn to slowly push them. So, start slow and build. There is a lot to be said for slow exercising, for example, which is said to be the latest gym craze.