IV Therapy: What Are Its Advantages And Disadvantages?

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For a good percentage of people, intravenous (IV) drip therapy is a medical process. You only need to undergo the process in case of an emergency. If you are healthy, you do not need such a process.

Drip therapy aims to get essential nutrients and vitamins in your body when you cannot do it naturally. When healthy, you can eat all the necessary diets to achieve the goal. So. Leave this process to patients and their nurses. 

If this is your argument, you are wrong. IV drip processes are no longer preserved for medical emergencies. Instead, they are now part of healthy living. The option is becoming common for resolving dehydration and getting the right minerals, vitamins, and nutrients into your body. While this therapy is a nice idea, it has its merits and demerits. Here are some of them:

The advantages of an IV drip therapy

It is fast and delivers real-time results

Getting nutrients, minerals, vitamins, or medication from pills and food can be a long process. The pills and food must go through the digestive system before they are ready for absorption into your body. You will wait for hours before they become useful in your body. 

The case is different for IV drip or IV therapy. This therapy offers real-time results. The solution gets injected directly into your bloodstream through the veins. No time to wait for the digestion or absorption process. 

A good treatment for hangovers 

Hangovers are experiences when you drink excessively. Their impact is poor performance or absenteeism at the workplace. Hangovers happen because alcohol is a diuretic that causes severe dehydration when used precisely. But how can you deal with it effectively? To effectively deal with a hangover, govidaflo.com suggests using IV therapy as one of the best solutions.

The answer is, in fact, IV therapy. This approach is a good option to rehydrate your lost water. The saline-based solution injected into your body offers electrolytes that neutralize the dehydration signs. You will easily deal with the fatigue, thirst, and dizziness effects through a 30-minute drip spa. So, you can benefit from this therapy if a hangover is a common issue.  

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Ensures maximum nutrient and vitamin absorption

The rule of IV drip therapy is 100% absorption. Unlike pills, the solution delivered to your body does not undergo digestion. The nurse performing it delivers vitamins and nutrients to your body directly. You will have zero wastage. So, the process ensures maximum absorption of all nutrients needed in your body.

You have a say on what gets to your body

Everyone prefers eating a balanced diet. You eat every piece of diet that you deem important to your body. While doing this, you cannot determine the quantity of each nutrient and vitamin that gets to your body. Most of it ends as waste and gets out of your body without any essential impact.

The case is different for drip therapy. Here, you are in full control of what goes into your body. You can determine what to include in the solution with exact quantities. This way, your body gets the right nutrient quantities according to your needs. 

Disadvantages of IV drip therapy    

It can be painful

People hate feeling pain, particularly when it is not a necessity. But if you want to get the benefits of IV therapy, you will need to endure some pain. The method involves the insertion of a need into your veins.

The process takes up to an hour, and pumping is part of it. These elements make it a painful process. You need to endure it if you want the best results. Sometimes, the punctured skin can increase infection risks. So, this is a major shortcoming of this therapy. 

It is not affordable

Cost is another reason why the process might not be your option. Before getting the treatment, you will need blood tests to determine how much nutrients and vitamins your body requires. Also, you require a set of tubes, needles, and consultation costs. Comparing these requirements with pills sounds like an expensive venture. 

Many people cannot afford to cater to the cost. This aspect means that you will need to stick to supplements despite their shortfalls. As such, the cost involved keeps away a good percentage of people who would benefit more from this therapy.


In a word, IV drip treatment is a potential option for supplying your body with essential minerals and nutrients. However, there’s no real science backing this practice, and it’s always important to seek your doctor’s advice before doing so. However, you must be ready to endure some pain and cough some dollars to enjoy it. So, you need to be aware of these benefits and shortfalls when considering it.