Ishan Shivanand Promotes Meditation for Better Health and A Better Life

Ishan Shivanand YOI

Sometimes the truth is right there in front of us the entire time, but we only see it once someone shines a light. That is also precisely what Ishan Shivanand has done. Then he took it a step further.

The world is a crazy, fast, unsettled, loud place filled with stress, worry, fear, and demands. Many of those problems, struggles, and trials are also nothing more than a part of the everyday fabric of life. Meditation and practices like yoga are about more than finding inner peace, but it is also a path to a better life.

Shining the Light

Yoga and meditation have been around longer than anyone alive today. Surprisingly, however, the power, awareness, and benefits of yoga have been quieted.

Perhaps by psychologists, therapists, or mental health professionals who would prefer clients to rely on their services, medications, and systems? Or maybe the benefits of meditation and yoga merely needed a torch bearer? Whatever the case, Shivanand has become that person and has cast a light on the gift of yoga.

Shivanand Continues Sharing YOI

Meditative practices have proven to be effective in helping individuals in many ways. Yoga is a practice that has also been shown to provide benefits for societal health. These include corporate wellness and leadership programs, among others.

As the founder and master trainer of the Yoga of Immortals (YOI) course, Shivanand has introduced ancient Yogic wisdom and India’s healing sciences to people everywhere. For more than 30 years, YOI has touched, helped, and improved the lives of people across the globe.

Shivanand promotes meditation for better health and a better life. YOI is the vehicle he has personally developed and uses to promote and share these benefits and to change lives.