IPL vs. Laser: Know The Difference Before Going to An IPL Laser Carlsbad Clinic

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Both lasers as well as intense pulsed light or IPL employ light to heat hair follicles as well as inhibit regrowth that is used as hair removal treatments. While the names may sound similar, the technology behind each is quite different, with the primary distinction being the light source employed. If you are considering undergoing IPL, it is important that you first know how  IPL is different from laser treatment before you proceed to an IPL Laser Carlsbad Clinic.

In order to help you obtain an informed decision, this article will help you in knowing the differences between IP and laser treatments. 

Explanation of Laser Hair Removal

Laser therapy is said to impact hair in the active growing phase or anagen stage. The laser beam is composed of carefully regulated energy pulses that are received by the melanin or pigment in the hair, penetrating the active hair follicles beneath the epidermis. In essence, the energy warms the hair and then all the way down to the root thereby safely eliminating it without causing damage to the adjoining tissue or skin which is sometimes referred to as photothermal degradation.

Explanation about IPL hair removal

IPL, or intense pulsed light technology, is not a laser therapy. In comparison to laser hair removal, this procedure makes use of a broad spectrum of light with numerous wavelengths as the basis of the IPL Machine. This implies it has more scattered energy in the vicinity of the hair and skin. Thus, IPL utilizes multi-spectrum light, whereas laser utilizes single-spectrum light, implying that IPL energy is diffused and somewhat weaker. The laser produces a densified light source, and all energy is concentrated on this single light source.

Spectrum lights are quantified in nanometers (nm) when it comes to IPL; for example, a wavelength of 755nm indicates that this spectrum light may penetrate 755nm deep into the skin. Because 755nm light is most attracted to melanin, it is optimal for hair removal. 532nm indicates that light may penetrate the skin to a depth of 532nm. Due to the fact that red blood cells absorb the most light, IPL is extremely efficient at correcting the appearance of peripheral broken capillaries.

In contrast to laser treatments, which utilize a single wavelength of light, IPL uses dispersed light. Numerous cut-off filters are frequently employed to filter out non-targeting wavelengths in order to focus on certain structures and chromophores and this can be in the form of melanin in the hair or pigmented lesions on the skin, or oxyhemoglobin in blood vessels that manifest as broken capillaries. This can be rosacea in more severe instances. As a result, IPL is a safe and excellent treatment for rosacea and face flushing, along with hair removal.

When used especially for hair removal, IPL often needs six to eight sessions to completely remove hair from an area and this is going to mainly depend on the individual’s skin tone, hair color, and hair thickness.

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Which method of hair removal is more effective, IPL or laser?

IPL technology, on the other hand, typically requires more sessions and may result in less effective hair removal. The new laser technologies that we use in the clinic are more sophisticated and effective than their IPL predecessors, while also providing less pain due to their integrated cooling systems. Additionally, this implies that our devices are capable of treating a broader spectrum of skin as well as hair types than that of an IPL. That is why they use IPL for more advanced reasons such as skin regeneration.

While skincare specialists believe that real laser is the greatest option for removing unwanted hair, they also believe that both lasers and IPL are excellent when performed by a skilled laser practitioner. Both experts believe that it is essential to discuss your unique issues with your cosmetic expert and to take into account your skin type in order for them to recommend the best approach.

If all hair colors including skin types on the Fitzpatrick skin rating may be safely treated, it is equipment-dependent. According to research, light must be drawn to melanin. Therefore, it is suggested that everyone undergo a patch test plus a conversation with their therapist prior to determining what is best for them.

What is involved in laser hair removal?

Whenever the Nordlys by Candela device is used on customers, a series of six to eight procedures are often required. The patient will need to return after four to eight weeks depending on the region of the body for successful damage to just the hair in the anagen cycle. Patients can shave in between treatments, which promotes the affected follicle to shed. Additionally, a skin professional emphasizes the need of avoiding direct sunlight on the region and protecting it with an SPF 30 or higher as part of your regular routine.

Who Can Undergo Either IPL or Laser Treatments?

Both therapies have been shown to be appropriate for the majority of males and females above the age of 18 years. Medical problems are always examined during your appointment, and as a result, any contraindications to treatment will be mentioned.

Certain circumstances preclude customers from receiving treatment using light-based technologies. They are frequently associated with medicines that induce light or photo intolerance, or with pregnancy or nursing.

How Much Does IPL Laser Usually Cost?

Prices vary significantly by location and technology utilized. IPL is generally less expensive than laser since the outcomes are less effective and it would require far more treatments in the long term.

To illustrate, the costs for the most frequently treated skin regions when a client purchases a course of eight laser hair removal sessions: $48 for underarms; $70 for Brazilian; $103 for lower legs; $158 for men’s back and shoulder.

Expect to pay approximately $55 for underarms, $41 for a basic bikini, and about $69 for lower legs at a high street clinic that offers IPL, but most facilities will offer course bundles that are more affordable.

Thus, before you spend this amount of money, it is essential that you get your money’s worth and see to it that your decision is one that you are absolutely certain about.