Invisalign Costs in Vancouver 2021 – A Comprehensive Guide

Invisalign braces

Are you insecure about your teeth, and you rarely ever smile because of this? Are you also trying to get braces for a very long time, but is the cost of getting this treatment is a barrier between you and your beautiful smile? Invisalign got you covered. Invisalign is a fantastic alternative to the old and traditional braces.

The rise of Invisalign has helped over 8 million people get the perfect teeth, hence getting an ideal smile. People have appreciated this treatment because it is a minimal way of treating the teeth, and it does not disturb the physical appearance as much as the standard braces do. 

Here you can learn everything about this Invisalign, the prices of getting them in Vancouver, advantages, and everything else that you should know before opting for this fantastic development in the field of orthodontics. 

What is Invisalign Treatment?

Before jumping on to the advantages and the costs, let’s have a quick look at what exactly Invisalign is? Invisalign is an orthodontic treatment whose aim is to straighten the teeth without using those harsh and painful braces.

Invisalign are the custom-made, clear braces you apply on the teeth; they slowly and gently push the teeth back to their proper position. The absolute best thing about these braces is that they are clear and barely noticeable. Unlike the traditional braces that are screwed and fixed in your mouth, the Invisalign can be taken on and off without any difficulty. So, Invisalign is a simple, painless and cost-friendly treatment to improve your teeth and have the best smile in the world. 

Advantages of Invisalign Treatment: 

When talking about the Invisalign, you can find various benefits of having this treatment. A few of them are mentioned below: 

Faster and Effective Results:

Your orthodontist will use the Invisalign 3D ClinCheck software, which will be made carefully according to your requirement. After applying this regularly, your teeth will gradually shift the teeth. Hence, this process will finish in months, which is the opposite of braces. 

Get the Perfect Precision with Invisalign: 

By using the Invisalign 3D ClinCheck software, the orthodontist provides ultra-precision. You can get the best fitting of the custom-made braces, the best quality and made more things. However, if you use the traditional braces, there can be a lot of complications, and you can have a very uncomfortable experience. 

Comfortable and Easy to Use: 

Another great thing about opting for Invisalign is the comfort they provide. Smooth, straightforward, and easy to apply, Invisalign does not intrude on personal appearance. The easy removing property of this treatment makes it more functional and easier to use. 

How much does Traditional Braces Cost? 

Before looking at the price of the Invisalign treatment, let’s look at the cost of the traditional braces. If we talk about getting the braces in Vancouver, you’ll typically spend anywhere from $3000 to $6000. Whereas if you have a complex teeth condition, you might have to pay $10,000 or even more. 

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How much do you need to pay for Invisalign in Vancouver, Canada? 

Now coming to the Invisalign treatment, the costs can depend on the assessment needed according to your situation, the area you are visiting and lastly, the dentist’s experience. On average, Invisalign can cost anywhere between $7000 to $10000 for a comprehensive treatment in Vancouver. But you get so many advantages and services in this amount. 

With a minimum experience of 8 years, our orthodontist provides you with the best treatment. They will make personalized Invisalign braces according to your needs. You will also get unlimited refinements that will allow you to have the perfect teeth of your dreams. Other than that, they also offer remote appointments to share your issues without even visiting their office. 

Treatment Process of the Invisalign: 

If you are thinking of using the Invisalign treatment from PacificWest Dental Group, here is what you can expect from the whole process. 

  • The doctors present at the PacificWest Dental Group will provide a complete consultation, and a digital scan. They will give you a comprehensive guide related to pricing and other stuff. 
  • Next, they will start with the plan, diagnose everything related to your teeth, get your dental record, and map out the structure of your teeth. This process might take about 2-3 weeks, and it takes approximately 4 weeks for the Invisalign to manufacture. 
  • After it is manufactured, they deliver it to your place with proper instructions and manual. They also have a mobile app to learn different tips and tricks. 
  • It is recommended that the braces should be worn for 22 hours each day to see the best and most effective results. You will also need to change the aligner every two weeks and visit the clinic for follow-ups. 
  • Lastly, after a few weeks, you can see visible changes in the positioning of your teeth, and you will have the best smile in the world.