Improving the Standard of Dental Service: Putting the Patient First

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Dental hygiene and health are imperative, but they can also be avoided for a very long time. The fact is, however, that people need it more than just when their teeth hurt. It is for the best of all patients to visit for a cleaning and check-up on a regular basis – at least every six months to one year. How, precisely, do you convince your patients to visit on such a regular basis, to prevent gum disease and teeth decay before it happens?

To start, you need to offer exceptional services. If it feels like a breath of fresh air to visit you, and if you leave a good impression on your patients, then they will be more willing to visit you again.

There are so many ways you can encourage your patients actually to make the recommended number of visits per year and to improve their at-home oral health as well, and all of those options are outlined in this short guide: 

Improving Communication

One of the best ways to improve the standard of any dental practice is to improve communication. Long gone are the days where doctors and dentists are not expected to have a good bedside manner. Just like any skill, good communication can be taught. Knowing how to put your patients at ease by talking is a must.

Even just knowing how to carry on a one-sided conversation is important. There are so many areas that dentists need to improve on when it comes to their communication skills with their patients.

Improving Appointments

There are two ways to improve the quality of patient appointments:

Improve Patient Files

Patient files should be secure, digitized, and include more than just the services provided. Suppose the patient has any specific preferences, or perhaps any allergies or sensitivities to products. In that case, you should hire a dental office administrator who would note everything down in a file which will be reviewed before the appointment by the doctor. Also, they perform essential tasks such as processing information, utilizing paper and electronic management systems, scheduling, and keeping financial records all while demonstrating proficient interpersonal skills.  

Offer Appointment Reminders

Another easy way to offer better services to your patients is by sending out appointment reminders. A phone call, a text, or an email depending on their preferences, can ensure that more patients make it to their appointment. If they need to reschedule, getting hold of them in advance is a great way to free up that appointment slot and reschedule them for later. Better for your patient and for your business.

Improving the Relationship Between Patient and Dentist

There are so many easy ways that you can improve your relationship with your patient. For starters, know that patients feel comfortable with different people. Having both a female and a male dentist on staff to take care of patients can provide your clients with an option. If they seem to prefer or really like a dentist on your staff, make a note of that in their file so that you can pair them up with the dentist that they get on with the most.