How to stop a panic attack: 3 effective methods

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If you have to go through panic attacks quite often, this article will help you in so many ways. And relax. The stimulating factors for panic attacks differ from person to person, and you will be able to take control of the stimuli one day.

1. Tune in with the emotions

According to studies, emotions play the most crucial role when it comes to the initiation of panic attacks. But is warding off your sad feelings help you reduce the initiation and intensity of the attacks? It may be a shock to you, but no, doing this will not help you much. It is all about tuning in to your feelings and not warding them off or pretending like you don’t care.

Let us take a look at this scientifically. When you feel sad, your body releases special hormones in your bloodstream. Now, your body is getting adapted to this feeling. You should give your body some time to gradually decrease the impact of the released hormones in the bloodstream.

But now you force your body to release hormones like adrenaline to suppress the impact of the previously released hormones. This is what leads to the initiation of a panic attack. This is because you decided to hide your emotions instead of tuning in.

How can you tell that you are feeling a particular emotion? Well, this is something only you can tell. Try to observe yourself in certain emotions. We know the task is hard and can be a bit confusing at first, but the benefits of it are paramount in stopping a panic attack.

2. Recognize the physical patterns

Emotions can be crucial in initiating a panic attack, but the physical ones are the most prominent and easy-to-recognize patterns. However, the physical patterns of a panic attack may differ from one person to another, both in terms of appearance and intensity.

The most common physical symptoms of panic attacks include shaking, shortness of breath, dizziness, light-headedness, increased heart rate, chest pain, etc. The intensity of the patterns can be minute at the start and increase if the condition worsens.

How can you recognize the physical patterns? Well, you will most of the time feel all the physical patterns popping up in a specific order/pattern. Just try to grab the initiation of the pattern, and you might even be able to tackle the upcoming panic attack from the very beginning.

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3. Use the tried remedies

So far, we have discussed what can be possible reasons behind panic attacks and how you can identify such an event in advance. But what about the remedies? Is there any solution to panic attacks? There are some ways through which recurrent panic attacks can be prevented.

You can book an online appointment with Dr. Weedy to check your recurrent panic attacks at the very first available slot. But if you are not comfortable with that, try to breathe in and breath out slowly in case of a panic attack. This will expand your air passageways, helping your body temperature cool.

Another major remedy to try in case of sudden panic attacks is to get grounded. Lie on your back, close your eyes, and start breathing slowly. This will help your body regulate its normal body metabolism and get over the panic urge running through your spine.

Final Note

We hope that with this article’s help, you have all your questions related to panic attacks answered. If you still have something for us, message us here!

Article written by: Jonathan Hutchinson