How to Manage Your Type 2 Diabetes

diabetes management

If you have just received a diagnosis of type 2 diabetes, then you may feel a little lost over what is happening with your health and don’t know how you can continue. But that is not true. There is still so much you can be in control of your diabetes. 

Every diabetes is different but there are still some general tips that you can follow to make your life easier and keep an eye on your diabetes. Here are just a few things that you can do to manage your type 2 diabetes. 


When you get diagnosed with diabetes, it is important that you start making changes to your lifestyle. One thing that you will need to change is your diet. When you eat, you affect your blood sugar. So, managing how much you are intaking is essential. 

However, depending on your medication, you may need to avoid certain food. For example, food to avoid while taking Ozempic includes anything high in fat and high in sugar. Make sure you start making these changes as soon as possible. 

Losing weight

This is a question that you should ask your doctor. Not everyone with type 2 diabetes will benefit from losing extra weight. It truly does vary from person to person. Nevertheless, it is important to know that when you are overweight or obese then you will exacerbate your type 2 diabetes. This is because of how being overweight affects your insulin resistance. Losing weight may help you lower your blood sugar levels and decrease your insulin resistance. 

Exercise regularly

If you have been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, then you should try and get around 150 minutes of vigorous and moderate physical activity a week. You don’t have to pack all of this in over a couple of days. You can try and spread it out over the week. Or you could do one longer session and put in a couple of smaller sessions. 

Try and find a hobby that will be intense for you and that you enjoy. Maybe football or tennis. Sports that get you moving are a great idea. 

Take your medication

Depending on how your diabetes affects you, you may not need medication or insulin. There are lots of options for you to consider. They work by reducing how much glucose your liver makes and improving how your body utilizes insulin so that it can manage your blood sugar levels. Taking medication can be frustrating if you are not used to it but you should not let it get to you. Persist with your medication and create a healthy habit that will aid you in keeping up with your intake. 

Managing type 2 diabetes

Nobody thinks that living with diabetes is easy. It will take a little bit of work, but it does not make your life impossible. It just changes the situation. All you need to do is come up with a plan that suits your life and stick with it. Your life will soon adjust.