How To Get Rid of Cigar Breath?

smoking cigar

Don’t panic; cigar smoking doesn’t necessarily cause bad breath. That said, we understand how new cigar smokers may fear that outcome. While you may have to get cigar taste out of your mouth, bad breath is not usually a problem to worry about when smoking good cigars. 

A cigar aftertaste that lingers for too long will prompt you to cleanse your mouth when around people who are sensitive to the smell.

Regardless of whether or not you’re comfortable with it, you shouldn’t be content to let cigar breath remain. Here are some tips for getting rid of it and, subsequently, preventing your banishment from the house. 

What Leads to Cigar Breath?

The reason your breath smells like cigars could be due to the following:


We’re quick to name “cigars” as the culprit for the repulsive smell that emanates from our oral cavities. But before we lay the blame on them, it’s essential to realize that bad breath, or halitosis, as what it’s scientifically called, stems mostly from eating habits and health conditions. 

If you brush and floss as you ought to, you may not have to deal with bad breath whether or not you smoke cigarettes. But if you don’t make the effort of cleansing your mouth of the bacteria from the things you consume (or smoke, in this case), then your breath will undoubtedly be affected. 

What You’re Putting in Your Mouth

Anything you have had to drink or eat before or during a cigar-smoking session will impact cigar taste. It will also influence the taste your cigarette leaves in your mouth. For instance, salty food does not go well with cigars and could dry your mouth when you have them before or during a smoke. That said, some foods combine well with cigars. 

Dry Palate

A dry palate is not ideal for smoking, as it can cause the taste of cigarettes to linger. Sip water or soda to maintain a fresh palate while smoking. This should also prevent the taste of smoke from sticking around. 

Bad Cigars

Bad-quality cigars can also be a reason for foul-smelling breath. Cheaper cigars are bitter ammonia-rich and tend to be metallic-tasting due to the poorly fermented tobacco used in their construction. As soon as you notice a cigar is terrible, don’t finish it. Get rid of the smell by giving your mouth a thorough cleanse before smoking something else. 


Smoking Quickly

You can get a bad taste in your mouth by smoking a cigar too quickly. Premium cigarettes are designed to combust at an average pace. Any faster, and not only would they leave harsh, unpleasant residue on your tongue, they might also end up burning your mouth. 

How to Prevent Cigar Breath

Here are a few essential tips for keeping cigar breath at bay:

Choose the Best Cigars

A surefire way to prevent cigar breath? Avoid bad cigars and limit your choices to the good ones. It’s hard to find an excuse for cigar mouth when tons of quality and affordable cigarettes are on the market. 

Keep Hydrated

Drink a carbonated beverage, or better yet, water, while smoking to keep your palate hydrated. Water cleanses your mouth and discourages bacteria and bad breath. On the other hand, carbonated drinks, particularly those with citrus flavors, leave a refreshing taste in your mouth. 

Smoke Slowly

Resting between puffs helps prevent cigar breath. Pause for a thirty-second interval between inhales to prevent that smoky aftertaste from settling. This will also enhance the flavor of your cigar and help it burn cooler instead of potentially burning your mouth and drying out your palate. 

Avoid Smoking the Nub

Smoke as far as you prefer; just don’t smoke the nub. The nub is the last few inches and the hottest and most potent section of your cigar. The fumes you draw here can be so toxic, and your mouth won’t be able to escape its effects. 

Getting Rid of Cigar Breath

After a long smoking session with your buddies, your significant other summons you home for dinner. The last thing you want is to expose your loved ones to cigar breath. When the tips above fail to eliminate cigar mouth, you can always rely on the following remedies:

Brush your teeth

A quick and easy way to clear your mouth of cigar stench is to brush and floss. If a bit of the smell remains, swish some mouthwash for at least a minute to get rid of the remnants. 

Use a tongue scraper

This is preferably done after brushing and flossing, but running a tongue scraper through your tongue helps remove odor-causing bacteria that the previous oral cleansing measures may not have. 

Breath mints

And if you’re pressed for time? Breath mints ensure that your family won’t be on the receiving end of stinky cigar breath when you join them in the dining room.