How To Get Bigger Breasts: 4 Effective Ways

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When it comes to our appearance, there are a few things more important than the way we feel about our breasts. For many of us, they represent femininity and sexuality in a world that often tells women these qualities come only with pain and shame. They’re also an integral part of how we see ourselves-as mothers, partners, caregivers, etcetera-so when something is wrong or different with them, whether due to age or circumstances, it can be devastating.

Fortunately, times have changed. With advancements in technology and surgical techniques available today for breast augmentation surgery, along with greater awareness around gender identity issues, more people are considering plastic surgery than ever before. Breast Implants have made a lot of women very happy and very confident with their bodies. The procedure is particularly helped many women to help themselves be physically attractive

Breast augmentation surgery 

Breast surgery is on the rise with everything from minimally-invasive procedures to implants both above and below the muscle gaining popularity, many women are considering all their options before making a final decision about how they would like their breasts to look. Operations for breast enlargement often come as a result of many reasons and is even paired with other procedures like a tummy tuck, or a nose job. Not only has the demand for cosmetic surgery in general increased, but there’s been a significant rise in gender affirmation surgeries as well. Many people choose to undergo breast augmentation after mastectomy or for transgender individuals, at the start of their transition from an assigned gender to their true identity.

Insight into what women are looking for in regards to breast augmentation has also facilitated changes in the cosmetic surgery industry, with many women looking to achieve a more natural or “perky” look. For this reason, the number of doctors offering nipple and areola pigmentation during their surgeries has dramatically increased. The results can make a world of difference not only in how your breasts look, but how you feel about yourself as well.

Breast enhancement pills 

Another option that has increased in popularity is the use of breast enhancement pills. For women who are looking for more long-term results with less risk, this is often seen as an attractive alternative to surgery. While it’s important to keep in mind that supplements won’t produce immediate results like implants will (the breasts aren’t going to suddenly swell up), the results can be long-lasting and beneficial if taken correctly.

Millions of women are looking for ways to increase their breast size. Pills designed for breast enhancement work by increasing blood flow around the mammary glands where the breast tissue is located-stimulating growth and causing your breasts to swell. 

What these supplements essentially do is fill the breasts with fluid, which causes them to expand over time. As they grow, it pushes up on the skin which stretches out allowing for a larger appearance without any sagging or lose skin-no cutting or pulling required. Pills are an affordable option for women who are looking to enhance or enlarge their breasts without surgery.

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Breast enlargement exercises 

Exercise is often the most overlooked element of both male and female breast enhancement, but it shouldn’t be. The most important thing to remember about exercise is that it doesn’t just work the muscles in the chest, but also the ones surrounding them. When performed correctly, these exercises can not only increase overall breast size, but they can improve skin tone and texture as well, making any sagging or drooping less apparent.

According to professionals who specialize in breast enhancement, the following exercises are most effective for women who want to increase their bra size without surgery:


This is one of the easiest and best exercises you can do; simply lie down with your back flat against the floor, place your hands directly under your shoulders (a bit wider than shoulder-width apart), straighten your legs, and slowly push yourself up off the floor until your arms are straight. Lower yourself back down slowly to complete one repetition.


Lie flat on your back with your knees bent and feet flat against the floor, place hands behind your head for support, cross arms over your chest (as if hugging yourself), and lift your head and shoulders off the floor, making sure to keep your neck straight. Slowly lower back down and repeat for one set of 10-15 repetitions.

Breast pumps 

Breast pumps are yet another option for women who are looking to increase their breast size but want something less invasive. These devices can be used at home or in the office and work by creating a vacuum around your breasts which draws them upward-slightly plumping them as well. While results aren’t immediate with these devices, regular use can cause blood flow and circulation to develop in the breasts over time-producing fuller and larger results with prolonged use.

All of the methods mentioned above are viable options for women who want to increase their breast size. While some may work better than others for certain individuals, it’s important to remember that everyone is different and will respond differently to each method. It’s also important to consult with a doctor before starting any kind of enhancement program to get advice on which exercises or treatments might be best suited for your body type and goals.