How Much Do Veneers Cost In Colombia And Why It’s The Best Place To Get Them

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Are your teeth stained or chipped? Do you want to have a beautiful smile for a reasonable price? No need to worry because Colombia offers you the cheapest veneers in the world. So, now you can get a beautiful natural smile with perfectly aligned, shaped, and framed bright white teeth. However, everyone is curious about why it’s the best place to get veneers and what is the veneers cost in Colombia? This brief description is an answer to any related question. Or for more details you can visit

Dental veneers are thin frames bonded to the teeth front made of ceramic or composite material to get a perfect teeth set. People with stained teeth due to excessive smoking and tobacco intake are more likely to get dental veneers. Moreover, some people with gaps in their teeth, calculus formation, and teeth discoloration look for such treatments. Since these dental procedures are highly-priced globally, Colombia is the only country in South America offering high-quality veneers at quite affordable rates. 

Ceramic And Composite Veneers

Ceramic veneers are made of porcelain and are more durable than composite veneers for up to 20 years. These thin filmed frames appear more natural and are resistant to staining and chipping. However, excessive pressure can break them, but fortunately, these are easy to replace. For aesthetically beautiful translucent veneers, you must visit the dentist for five days. Compared to resin veneers, these are more costly but more affordable than any other place. 

If you want a less expensive alternative to porcelain ones, composite veneers can be your choice. These are made of materials like resin, less durable than porcelain ones. Resin veneers can last up to eight years and are prone to fading, discoloration, and ripping. Therefore, exercise care when you have done composite veneers. Moreover, you can get that easy procedure in just two dental visits. 

How Much Do Veneers Cost In Colombia?

According to their quality, veneers in Colombia can cost you between $210 to $375 per tooth. For composite veneers made of resin, you have to spend $4200 for a complete set of 20 teeth. At the same time, more natural and expensive porcelain veneers cost around $7500 for 20 teeth. Compared with the United States, such dental work may cost $400 to $2500 per tooth, which is highly expensive and unaffordable for many of us. 

Whiten Teeth

The question is, why are dental veneers cheap in Colombia? The simple reason behind this massive advantage is the exchange rate. In other words, the US dollar becomes four times the value in Colombia. So, your one USD equals 3789.54 Colombian Pesos. Moreover, the cost of flights and hotels in Colombia is also cheap, saving you a lot of money for dentist visits. 

The Pros And Cons Of Dental Veneers

Dental veneers are the best permanent solution for discolored teeth, accumulated plaque, gaps, and other issues. Nevertheless, it requires extra care to keep them last longer, or they will undergo chipping and breaking. Repairing and restoration of dental veneers will then require you to fly to Colombia, which can be more expensive than the restoration cost. Also, you cannot get your veneers repaired at home. That is why the repair issue back in Colombia is a disadvantage. However, the overall procedure is at first cheap and beneficial. 

Why Is Colombia The Best Place To Get Veneers?

The following are why Colombia is the best place to get a veneer.

The Affordable Veneers Cost In Colombia 

Since veneers are less expensive in Colombia and have professional dentists, it’s the best place to get such dental work.

Guaranteed Work

Professional Colombian dentists guarantee their work for almost three years for ceramic veneers. Moreover, they claim that composite veneers can last up to 7 years and porcelain up to 20 years. 

High Quality

Dentists in Colombia use high-quality materials resistant to chipping, breaking, discoloration, and staining.

Short Flights

Flights to Colombia are short from the United States, so you don’t get any jetlag or extra expenses. 

Cheap Hotels And Flight Expenses

The cost of hotel residence and flights to Colombia are also cheap, making your overall tour and treatment happy and stress-free. 


Can I Get Veneers?

You can get veneers if you have any oral problems that this artificial framework can solve. However, it would help if you did not habitually grind your teeth and damage dental work.

What Kind Of X-Ray Is Needed To Get Veneers?

Your dentist will require panoramic X-rays to determine whether periodontal issues or infections are present before the procedure begins. It will cost around twenty US dollars to get panoramic X-rays. You can also use a recent copy to provide to your dentist.

What Are Some Best Dental Clinics In Colombia?

Dentist Cartagena, International Smiles, Alta Estetica Dental, and Centro de Implantes de la Costa are some popular dental clinics in Colombia providing veneer services.