How Moms Can Prioritize Dental Self-Care

smiling at the dentist

Self-care and motherhood seldom go hand in hand, as mommies have little time for themselves. If you are a mom, you will probably know how daunting it is to fit exercise, diet plans, and meditation into your to-do lists. Dental care is perhaps the most overlooked element of a mommy’s self-care goals and initiatives. But the price of negligence can be heftier than you imagine because you may end up with painful and expensive tooth trouble. Fortunately, you can avoid the problem with a little effort. Let us share a few tips for American moms looking to prioritize dental care.

Be regular with brushing and flossing

Brushing and flossing are a part of the daily routine, but you may find yourself cutting corners as a busy mom. For example, missing out on the bedtime routine is easy when you are too tired. You may give less time to the process, and fail to clean the nooks and crannies properly due to incorrect and incomplete techniques. Commit to the regularity with brushing and flossing, no matter how busy you are. Also, pay attention to your techniques and timelines.

Invest in proper tools

Investing in proper tools is the easiest dental self-care tip for busy moms. You need not do much to pick a quality toothbrush because you can even buy one online. Opt for one with a small head, soft bristles, and a non-slip grip to ensure proper cleaning of your teeth and gums. Avoid using frayed brushes, and change them every few months. Old brushes do not clean well and are unhygienic, so remember to switch to a new one. 

Get a head start with dental treatment

Overlooking dental problems is the worst way to deal with them because you may end up worsening them sooner than later. In fact, you may have to spend a lot more time and money at a dental clinic if you ignore minor issues. Look for a nearby clinic to get quick appointments when the kids are off to school. Moms in Chicago can look for a reputable dentist downtown Chicago for timely and effective services. Getting a head start over tooth trouble is the best piece of advice to follow. 

Use mouthwash daily

The utility of a mouthwash rinse goes beyond fresh breath and confidence. It can prevent problems like inflamed gums and other gum diseases. Keep an antiseptic mouthwash in your bathroom so that you do not need to remind yourself about rinsing your mouth after every meal. Consider it a super-quick dental care hack amid your tight schedules and endless task lists. 

Watch what you eat and drink

Not surprisingly, your diet can affect your dental health, so you must definitely watch what you eat and drink. Include more cruciferous veggies and fruits in your diet as they clean the teeth naturally. Steer clear of sugar, alcohol, and caffeine because they can ruin your dental health. Remember to stay hydrated because water is essential for healthy teeth and gums. Besides water, green tea can also work wonders for your oral health.

Dental self-care need not be taxing for busy moms. Follow these simple hacks as healthy habits to minimize the risk of tooth trouble and retain a healthy smile for the long haul.