How does the after-hours home visiting doctor’s service work?

Healthcare market

On-call home visit doctor service may not be a new phenomenon, but the demand for this has always been soaring since it started. If you look back at 2010-11 and 2015-16, you will realize that the number of after-hour visits increased from nearly 7,00,000 to 1.8 million annually. 2016 and 2017 also saw about a 27% rise in the rate compared to 13% in 2013-14. As per the surveys, children and older adults are the primary users of this healthcare facility. If you or someone else in your house is not well, you can also take advantage of these types of services.

The process of availing after-hour medical attention is quite simple. Let’s take a look at that for a quick understanding.

Booking the service

You first need to discover a reliable platform that provides such services. You can Google search or ask your contacts for reference. When you find the right choice, you can make your booking on the phone or online app. Usually, the apps are free to use. So, you would not have to spend anything on booking a doctor.

Doctor arrival

As soon as you place a request, you can expect the doctor to arrive at your doorstep within two to three hours with a chaperone. A chaperone or helper takes the doctor to the destination on time and assists him or her when required. You can learn from the chaperone about the expected turnaround time or any change to the appointment. As mentioned, doctors generally reach a place within two hours. Once they arrive, they look into your complaints, diagnose your symptoms, and recommend a prescription or medicine. If the doctor gives medication, the quantity will be sufficient for you to use until the local pharmacy opens the next day.

Just remember that you need to give your Medicare and DVA card details at the time of appointment or later on also for confirmation.

After-treatment procedure

Once the doctor checks you and administers proper medicine, he or she will prepare a detailed report to share it with your regular general physician the next working day. It helps your regular healthcare provider to remain updated about your condition as well as the treatment. Plus, the report becomes a part of your medical history too.

Hence, as you can notice, online or phone booking facility is there whenever you need urgent medical attention in the odd hours. However, you must take into account that the home visit doctors mostly treat general health conditions, such as cold, flu, headache, body pain, fever, and so on. They can also stitch a wound if the need be. You, however, cannot depend on them for emergency or life-threatening ailments. For that, you will need to visit your hospital only.

Anyway, the online home visit doctor services are no less than a blessing for those who lead a hectic life or face the need for medical attention during closing office hours.  So, if you think you need immediate assistance with your health, don’t hesitate to use home doctor service.