How Does Delta 8 Affect Your Body?

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After you take Delta-8, do you ever wonder what makes the effects occur?

Well, you’re not alone. There is currently not much research on how Delta 8 affects the body, but there is on how we process THC. Before we cover what happens after we consume THC, let’s take a look at the endocannabinoid system.

Endocannabinoid System

Everyone is born with an endocannabinoid system (ECS), which plays a vital role in the human body. This system contains receptors located throughout our nervous system that alert the molecules to regulate processes, such as how someone moves, feels, and reacts.

The human body naturally produces a chemical known as endocannabinoids. Endocannabinoids are lipid-based neurotransmitters that travel to attach to your cannabinoid receptors-CB1 receptors, and CB2 receptors. These receptors have a primary role in signaling the ECS to perform.

When THC is consumed, it will mimic anandamide (endocannabinoid) and will bind to the cannabinoid receptors which will inhibit normal processes from occurring. 

What is Delta 8 THC?

Delta-8 THC is a naturally occurring cannabinoid that is located in small concentrations in hemp. Recently, Delta 8 has become a hit in the cannabis industry, as it offers unique effects compared to other compounds.

After Delta-8 THC has been consumed, cannabis enthusiasts have reported Delta-8 feeling similar to CBD but with more acute effects. Some of these effects may include:

  • Mild Euphoria
  • Uplifted
  • Motivated
  • Relaxed

Please note, the effects listed above are not guaranteed, as everyone has their own experience with Delta-8. Delta 8 may be a good fit for you if you have enjoyed CBD in the past but are looking for something with more noticeable effects.


What Happens After You Consume Delta 8? 

Now, the exciting part! Depending on how you consume Delta-8 it will make a difference on the activation time and how your body processes it. There are many forms of consumption, but we will focus on smoking versus edibles.

Smoking Delta-8

When you are smoking or vaping Delta-8, the smoke will enter your lungs. Once it reaches your lungs, the THC will enter your bloodstream. From there, THC will travel through your bloodstream and bind to your endocannabinoid receptors, which will then activate the effects.

After smoking or vaping THC, you can expect the effects to begin 5 to 15 minutes after consumption.

Delta-8 Edibles

When consuming edibles, the effects last much longer than smoking Delta-8 because of the extensive process your body goes through to activate and metabolize THC.

After you consume THC, it will travel through your intestines until it reaches your liver. Once it enters your liver, it will break down Delta-9 and turn it into 11-hydroxy-THC. Once this happens, the chemical will travel through your bloodstream until it hits the target—your brain.

Once this chemical reaches your brain, it will bind to your receptors, and the effects will begin to kick in. The activation time can take 30 to 90 minutes after consumption, and effects can last eight hours.

In Conclusion

Whether you enjoy Delta-8 gummies or prefer a Delta-8 joint, it is exciting to learn about Delta-8 from a scientific point of view. After learning how our body breaks down THC, it opens your eyes to how complex the human body is. There is still much more to learn about THC and how it affects the body, but we are on the right path to uncovering all that THC has to offer.