How does cyst removal work and do you need it?

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Cysts are sacs filled with liquid and air that can pop up anywhere on your skin, and they come in countless forms, shapes, and sizes. For example, they can be filled with liquid and can feel a lot like poking a water balloon, while others can be hard, firm, and crusty. However, no matter what type of cyst you have you might ask yourself if the cyst really needs to be there.

Do you need to remove the cyst or is your cyst annoying but harmless? While you can look for a London cyst removal service to help you in this regard, that often raises more questions about how cyst removal actually works. Thankfully, this article is here to answer these questions, so get reading!

Do You Need To Remove Your Cysts?

Cysts can come in all shapes and sizes all over the body, but most of them don’t offer any discomfort. They might be annoying to look at or can feel weird when they brush up against clothing or skin, but for the most part, cysts are harmless and won’t harm you. In fact, if the cyst is connected to acne in any way, standard acne treatments are able to handle the problem and clear your skin as well.

However, there are exceptions, and some cysts can be real problems. 

For example, cysts near joints can disrupt your movements or can press on your nerves if they are large enough, and that can cause some discomfort. Plus, if you have a cyst in a prominent place on your body, then you might find that it can cause some embarrassment and can make living a full life even harder for you.

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Most cysts aren’t a cause for a medical concern, but many people tend to worry about them because growths are connected to cancer. There’s nothing wrong with going to see your dermatologist and having a suspected cyst checked out in case it is a sign of a bigger medical condition.

If you have a cyst that contains malignant tissues or is infected, then you need to see your dermatologist and get it removed right away. Additionally, if your harmful cyst is in danger of rupturing, then that can be painful and can lead to even more infections around your body.

Once your cyst has been analyzed your doctor will tell you how they can go about removing it.

How Are Cysts Removed?

Whether you want your cyst removed for a cosmetic reason or a health based one, the most common method of removing a cyst is using surgery to remove it. The dermatologist will numb the area of your body where the cyst is with a local anesthetic, and then they will make an incision into your flesh and remove the entire cyst in one go. Then the space where the cyst was will be closed up with stitches and you might even get a cool scar to go with it.

Now, you might be thinking that because a cyst is a bubble of air and liquid, why wouldn’t someone just pop the cyst or drain it? ​​That is what most people do when they try to treat cysts themselves (and that isn’t recommended!)

The problem with this method is that when a cyst is drained, the walls of the cyst are still there and remain in the skin, so the cyst can reform and become a problem again. That’s why most dermatologists opt for the removal of the cyst through minor surgery, which removes every part of the cyst from your body so it can’t come back.

Do You Need Cyst Removal? 

It is up to you. Again, most cysts are harmless and won’t do anything to your body besides take up space, and the ones that cause discomfort actually only cause minor discomfort. Still, if you notice a cyst that is rapidly changing shape and color, growing, or becoming painful whenever you interact with it, you will need to go to a dermatologist and have it checked out. 

Otherwise, again it will be up to you. You might decide to leave the normal cyst there, or you might want to remove the imperfection on your body. But you don’t need cyst removal if the cyst is not causing you any problems.

But if you do decide to get your cyst removed, the entire procedure is a simple minor surgery that won’t take too long to recover from, and then you will have a cyst-less body!