How Can You Improve Employee Health?

It is no secret that the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way in which we live and go about our daily lives. It can be seen in the way we interact with one another, the places that we go to and even the way in which working individuals conduct and complete work-related tasks. The coronavirus pandemic has placed great strain on employees as well as employers, and has drastically changed office culture in many industries. Not only that, but the standard of employee health within many sectors has been greatly affected and has resulted in a decline in employee health and wellbeing. Maintaining good levels of employee health within any company has always been important, however now more than ever it is vital that employee health and wellbeing levels are carefully monitored and maintained. It is the duty of any organization/employer to ensure that the health of employees is always prioritized while ensuring that effective measures are put into place in order to improve employee wellbeing. 

Ways in Which Employee Health Can Be Improved

There are multiple ways in which employers can improve employee health. The ways in which to do so vary from providing health education, promoting health-related activities, providing incentive programs as well as employee support and engagement initiatives. Improving employee health can be as simple as providing healthy lunches, offering allocated times for meditation and/or prayer, as well as regular break times throughout the hours of the workday in order to enable employees to revive their energy levels and to maintain high employee morale. Some of the most effective ways in which employers can improve employee health include:

Providing Free Health Education for Employees 

Offering health education to employees is an excellent way of equipping employees with the necessary knowledge they need in order to properly look after themselves as well as their health. Initiatives such as monthly health education programs as a means of checking health statuses (both mentally and physically), as well as providing employees with health-related brochures and tips are simple yet effective ways to raise awareness on health issues and to encourage employees to better look after their health. 

You may also want to consider providing regular COVID-19 tests for your employees. Texas-based business COVID testing with a service such as Drip Hydration is a preventive measure that helps detect an active case of the virus before it has had the chance to spread among your staff. By doing your part as an employer to provide a safe workplace for your staff and customers, you can minimize the chance of staff getting sick and losing revenue due to temporary closures.

Promoting Health-Related Activities/Challenges 

The implementation of health-related activities as well as encouraging employees to participate in health challenges can positively affect the wellbeing of employees. Initiatives such as setting weekly walking goals, weekly fat burn challenges or monthly company sports tournaments are all fun ways to promote healthy lifestyles amongst employees. Not only this, but these initiatives contribute a great deal to improving employee engagement levels within the office which in itself contributes to a positive and conducive working environment. 

Providing Employee Incentive Programs 

Incentives such as health and wellness programs have proven to be a great contributing factor in the establishing and maintaining of good employee health standards. Wellness programs that offer financial reward, employee benefits or prizes to employees that manage to reach specific health related goals can be viewed as some of the most effective ways in promoting employee health and wellbeing. You can also check out the Taylor Benefits Insurance, Inc. that offers insurance solutions for different companies. It is also helpful to customize these rewards in such a way that is best suited to specifically meet the needs of employees. For instance, health incentives can be set up in such a way that is beneficial to employees that suffer from chronic illnesses, employees that are expecting or nearing childbirth, or even employees that experience challenges with regards to their mental health. By customizing incentives that are best suited to help and benefit specific groups of people, employees are more inclined to take part in health-related programs and wellness activities. 

Using Employee Wellness App as A Means of Improve Employee Health 

Making use of an excellent employee wellness app that is accessible to all employees is a great way to improve overall employee wellness. It is through such applications that employees are made to feel connected to one another and are able to encourage fellow employees with regards to healthy lifestyles and health-related activities. The CircleCare Employee Wellness App is a holistic wellness app that provides organizations with a single and easily accessible platform and tools that can be used to motivate employees via positive reinforcements and rewards in order to maintain healthy lifestyle choices. Because CircleCare is a holistic wellness app, it focuses on all aspects of wellbeing from physical wellness to social wellness and occupational wellness. The wellness app allows for custom physical challenges to be created, focuses on the social wellness of a company and provides functionality to improve job satisfaction. Employees are able to effortlessly keep track of health issues through the regular logging of vitals, medicine intakes as well as sleep and exercise patterns. Employees are encouraged to share their health journeys and experiences with one another with the aim of motivating each other to make healthier lifestyle choices while not feeling alone.