How Can Cannabis Help In Addiction Recovery?

drug addiction

Drug addiction is ruining peoples’ lives, with opioids being on the forefront. According to research, more than 20 million Americans suffer from addiction. The problem is that less than 10% are undergoing treatment, with the rest struggling with their habit. To curb the pandemic, medical practitioners have come up with over the counter medications (OTC), but most of them either have unbearable side effects or are not that effective.

Furthermore, people are seeking natural solutions like cannabis since they are both safe and effective. Since cannabis came to light, information has been going around on the internet of how the natural plant can help addicts with recovery. There are even reports stating that opioid deaths are lessening in states where cannabis is legal. However, the question is, how does cannabis help in addiction recovery?

How to Take Cannabis for Addiction Recovery

There are multiple ways to administer cannabis for addiction recovery. You can opt for cannabis, roll the powder using paper, and after that smoke. However, the most common method of cannabis administration is vaping. It is not only satisfactory but also the fastest way to start feeling the effects. Those who don’t prefer any of the methods above can go for cannabis oil. For quick results, place a few drops of cannabis under the tongue. Control your dosage, especially when using potent marijuana products.

1.   Cannabis Compounds May Aid in Halting the Desire to Use Drugs

One of the hardest things for an addict to control is their cravings for a particular drug. That is what usually makes them relapse a few weeks or days into recovery. While some people go through the whole recovery process successfully, others face difficulties letting go of their desire for the substance. That is where cannabis proves to be essential. A marijuana extract called CBD can help drug addicts with their craving problem. Cannabis can work with the endocannabinoid system to reduce the body’s need for a particular drug. The endocannabinoid also lowers stress levels of drug addicts, and by doing so, they stop longing for the substance they are addicted to.

2.   Cannabis May Satisfy the Memory of Reward

By now, you should be aware that an addict can barely cope without using his or her substance. What usually happens is that the memory of reward catalyzes the urge for the compound. Once that happens, the body will stop functioning as required until you satisfy the reward’s memory. Cannabis can trigger the compound in the plant, for instance, CBD, CBN, and THC, to modify the reward pathways’ memory. Cannabis will, therefore, provide the satisfaction you get from the substance. By doing so, you become less in need of the drug, and that is how you end up recovering. 

3.   Cannabis May Help with Anxiety

The feeling of anxiety is pervasive among drug addicts. If your body doesn’t receive a dose of the substance, the first symptom you will experience is anxiousness. The reaction is what makes people panic and, after that, relapse. On the other hand, compounds found in marijuana team with your body’s endocannabinoid system to balance a neurotransmitter called serotonin. Once cannabis relieves anxiety, you will become calm, and that feeling of relaxation will keep you from relapsing. It is one of the primary roles cannabis plays to make addiction recovery easy.

4.   Cannabis May Help with Other Recovery Symptoms

Apart from anxiety, there are so many drug recovery symptoms that an individual will experience. Some of the common symptoms include insomnia, body aches, and nausea. Persistence of these symptoms may easily make a drug addict give up their recovery program. That is why some people opt for cannabis extracts.

The plant is legendary for restoring the NREM cycle and therefore putting an end to insomnia. It can also make your ECS keep the body from absorbing anandamide neurotransmitter, thus easing body aches. Lastly, marijuana may help treat nausea by balancing serotonin neurotransmitters in the brain. By helping with those symptoms, it will be easy for a drug addict to recover successfully.


Marijuana benefits are the reasons why the compound managed to go mainstream. Right now, people are using cannabis to help with their addiction recovery. The above information gives an account of how the substance may help with your recovery program. Apart from alleviating the recovery symptoms, cannabis can also help you stop the urge for the substance.