HIPEC for ovarian cancer

Cancer Patient

One of the most dangerous diseases for women is ovarian cancer. This malignancy takes 7th place among all malignant tumors. It is particularly common in women after 40 years. Early diagnosis will help you maintain your health and reproductive function. Many countries are involved in the treatment of ovarian cancer, but the most successful among them are Turkey, Israel, and Germany.

Modern clinics apply the most innovative treatment methods, such as hyperthermic intraperitoneal chemotherapy. HIPEC for ovarian cancer allows achieving the maximum effect of treatment and saving the lives of many women.

What the dangers of ovarian cancer are?

Ovarian cancer is a tumor that develops from ovarian cells. About 10% of all cancer deaths are due to ovarian cancer. The mortality rate from this disease exceeds mortality from cancer of the uterus and cervical cancer.

Cancer incidence increases with age. The older a woman, the higher her chances of developing ovarian cancer. Ovarian cancer may arise from the initially benign neoplasms. Unfortunately, this pathology has a high lethality rate, so the only way to save life is to undergo regular medical check-ups.

Risk factors

Each disease has factors that can increase the chances of its occurrence. Gynecological oncologists have made a list of factors that increase the chances of developing ovarian cancer:

  • Bad habits – smoking, alcohol consumption.
  • Age over 40 years.
  • No pregnancies.
  • Use of the intrauterine devices.
  • Early onset of menstruation or late onset of menopause.
  • Oncology in relatives.
  • Pathologies of the immune system.
  • Prolonged use of hormonal drugs.
  • Cysts in the ovaries.
  • Chronic ovarian diseases.


At the initial stages of ovarian cancer, it has almost no symptoms, which is why the disease is most often diagnosed at the advanced stages. In addition, this pathology is characterized by non-specific manifestations. False diagnosis, as a rule, is made because of the similarity of the symptoms with other diseases.

The main signs of ovarian cancer at an early stage:

  • Swelling of the intestine, a constant feeling of overeating.
  • Unpleasant sensations and pelvic pain.
  • Problems with digestion, loss of appetite.
  • Sudden change in body weight.
  • Pain and discomfort in the lumbar area.

If you have noticed any of the symptoms, you should urgently visit your general practitioner.


If there is a suspicion for ovarian cancer, the doctor recommends additional tests – ultrasound examination, CT scan, and MRI. Unfortunately, these methods do not always allow making the final diagnosis. Nevertheless, they do provide important information about the location and spread of the malignant tumor.

The only way to diagnose ovarian cancer is surgical intervention. During the surgery, the doctor examines the internal organs and assesses the stage of the disease. After that, the removed tissue is sent for histological examination. The earlier the ovarian tumor was detected, the better the prognosis for successful treatment.

Up-to-date treatment

To treat ovarian cancer, the best clinics in the world use such a method as intraperitoneal chemotherapy – HIPEC. Thanks to the use of this method by experienced surgeons, patients have improved survival rates after surgery.

In addition, HIPEC for ovarian cancer can accelerate the rehabilitation process, as well as minimize the surgical risks. With HIPEC, oncologists can treat even advanced ovarian cancer successfully. 

Thousands of patients have already undergone treatment with HIPEC, which showed us amazing results in terms of its effectiveness. In addition, when using intraperitoneal chemotherapy, the risks to patients’ health are less than 5%.

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