What are the best lung cancer hospitals in Germany

lung cancer
Lung Cancer - Photo by: Yale Rosen

According to world statistics, in 2020, lung cancer accounted for 11.4% of all newly diagnosed malignant tumors — more than 2 million new cases per year. At the same time, lung cancer remains the leading cause of death: out of 10 million cancer patients who died in 2020, 18% had this disease.

It is believed that smoking is the primary cause of malignant respiratory diseases. In addition, doctors attach great importance to heredity, congenital malformations, genetic disorders, and chronic lung pathology. The success of measures aimed at destroying tumor cells depends on how quickly lung cancer was detected and therapy was initiated.

Many people deservedly appreciate the services of European hospitals. Among them, medical treatment in Germany occupies a special place.

The best lung cancer hospitals across the nation

In Germany, many well-established hospitals are dealing with lung cancer treatment, equipped with advanced technologies to combat it:

Ludwig Maximilian University Hospital Munich

It is one of the largest multidisciplinary hospitals in Germany. Every year, about 500.000 patients come to the clinic for treatment. Moreover, it has the status of a university – this means that all the latest developments in medical technologies and techniques are carried out on its basis. And after careful testing, they are implemented into operation. 

University Hospital Rechts der Isar Munich

The clinic has had an impeccable reputation and worldwide fame for more than 185 years. Oncology departments are considered the best in lung cancer treatment in Germany and Europe. The hospital has certificates from the German Cancer Society and the German Non-profit Organization for the Fight against Cancer. In addition, the clinic has a Department of Radiation Oncology and radiation therapy. The department is headed by one of the best oncologists in Germany, Professor Stephanie Combs. The latest models of linear accelerators and a brachytherapy unit are presented for treating lung cancer. In addition, advanced technologies are used, such as radiation therapy with intensive modulation.

Helios Clinics in Germany

The largest private medical network in Europe. All 112 hospitals of the group carry out an intensive exchange of knowledge and experience for the rapid and effective implementation of innovations. Oncology and, in particular, the treatment of lung cancer is the primary direction of the centers. The most famous Helios hospitals are in Berlin, Erfurt, Krefeld, Wiesbaden, and Wuppertal.

Nordwest Hospital Frankfurt-am-Maine

The hospital has had an academic status since it was founded at Goethe University. In addition to medical practice, its employees also conduct research activities, opening up new opportunities to diagnose and treat severe diseases. In 2013, the hospital celebrated its 50th anniversary. It is included in the rating of the TOP 100 best hospitals in Germany according to Focus magazine.

University Hospital Cologne 

This broad-profile medical institution is one of the largest in Germany. It was founded in 1908. Over its long history, the hospital has received international recognition. Based on the hospital, clinical trials of innovative methods of fighting lung cancer are being conducted. Every year, more than 370.000 patients are admitted here, of which about 63.000 are treated in a hospital.

Best hospitals to treat lung cancer in Berlin

Berlin is one of Germany’s most popular medical tourism destinations for lung cancer treatment. The best specialists work in cancer centers, and the latest technologies are used to diagnose and treat lung cancer. In addition, many institutes study and develop innovative methods to combat the disease.

There are 68 of the best hospitals for lung cancer in Berlin. The most famous of them are:

  • Charite University Hospital: It is one of Germany’s oldest and the world–known hospitals, founded in 1710. It has the status of a university, which implies participation in scientific research. It is one of the most highly developed hospitals in the world, and it employs qualified specialists, many of whom are internationally renowned and are Nobel Prize laureates. 
  • Vivantes Hospital: Provides a wide range of quality services for preventing, diagnosing, and treating lung cancer in Berlin using advanced radiation technologies.
  • Helios Hospital Berlin-Buch: It has a state-of-the-art radiological department equipped with nuclear magnetic and computer tomographs. The hospital’s Nuclear Department specializes in high-precision early diagnosis and treatment of lung cancer. The medical center specializes in brachytherapy and radiation therapy. Treatment in this hospital is one of the best options for lung cancer patients.
iv therapy hospital

Why Germany?

In hospitals in Germany, all lung cancer treatment methods are available, which are necessary to help the patient as effectively as possible at any stage. The success rate of lung cancer treatment in Germany reaches 77 to 92% at the first stage and 53-60% in the second. German specialists can prolong the patient’s life and significantly improve its quality at the advanced stages of lung cancer.

Treatment in Germany are characterized by:

  • Operational assistance: Patients can be sure that the necessary procedures are prescribed and carried out quickly.
  • Consultations of the best doctors: Several doctors of various specialties are developing the therapy scheme. After the diagnosis, the attending doctor gathers a consultation, during which an individual treatment tactic is selected for each patient.
  • Modern drugs and therapy: During lung cancer treatment, doctors prefer minimally invasive methods. However, all therapy types are available on a paid basis and with the support of cancer funds.
  • Attention and professional care: During the therapy or the postoperative period, caring staff constantly supervise the patient. If necessary, they receive psychological help and support.

Lung cancer is not a verdict. With early diagnosis and timely treatment, the chances of success are great. In the matter of recovery, much depends on the patient himself. Instead of despair and folding your hands, fight for your life. And a team of specialists will help you defeat the disease.


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