How HIPAA Compliant Messaging Can Be Beneficial To Your Healthcare Organization?

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In this day and age, communication is an essential part of our daily lives. With social media on the rise, you will notice how people can be stuck on their phones, texting wherever they go. Some may say that this can be toxic, as human interaction should be organic and natural. But we are now living in the 21st century, and adapting to technology is necessary to the human experience. There are many benefits to texting or online messaging. Due to the pandemic, it has become essential not only for interacting with your loved ones, but it is also a great way to communicate with your co-workers, and now more than ever, healthcare workers. 

Though online messaging can be beneficial to anyone and everyone, there are also some things that people worry about. The internet can be a scary place if you don’t know how to protect yourself. Data breach is a big thing these days and it can be especially dangerous to those who have important data that should be kept secret. Doctors and healthcare workers find this to be extremely dangerous as medical information should not be shared to anyone. Which is why HIPAA text messaging is important. 

What is HIPAA Compliant Messaging and Why is it so Important?

HIPAA compliant messaging is a secure way of online communication that is used by many healthcare organizations to protect medical data from spreading. According to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996, it is a national standard to protect sensitive patient health information from being disclosed without the consent of the patient. Because of this, the federal law requires all healthcare organizations to implement HIPAA to secure and protect information from data breach. The privacy rules state that it is an individual’s right to control how health information is spread and used. 

With that being said, HIPAA compliant messaging is important because it not only ensures the patient’s confidentiality online, it also protects all healthcare workers from those who use illegally taken data from being in the hands of the wrong people. Many companies such as Providertech now offer HIPAA compliant texting which makes patient and healthcare professionals communicate better and efficiently. Providertech conducts contactless patient check-in, facilitates virtual waiting rooms, and can refer patients to the appropriate place of care. HIPAA compliant messaging doesn’t just offer safe messaging, but companies such as Providertech ensures patients and healthcare professionals an easier way of scheduling and an increase of patient access on the site. They are able to automate appointment scheduling with reminders, eliminate last-minute no shows, and reclaim revenue by double-booking at risk appointments. 

In Conclusion 

HIPAA compliant messaging is important for many reasons. Though it is required legally, there are many ways it can be beneficial to healthcare organizations. It protects and ensures safe patient and healthcare professional communication, promotes clearer communication, is convenient for both parties, efficiently organizes a patient’s schedule, and many more. Because of the efficiency of HIPAA compliant messaging, it definitely raises the standard for better healthcare. If you are considering HIPAA compliant messaging, we highly recommend checking out Providertech as they are a top leading company that provides amazing services for both the patient and for healthcare professionals as well.