Here’s How You Can Become A Pharmacy Technician

pharmacy technician

Working as a pharmacy technician can be the ideal career move. Pharmacy technicians are vital to the healthcare system because they help pharmacists with medicine distribution, inventory control, and patient assistance.

Researching Education and Training Requirements: Lay the Foundation for Success

It would help if you familiarize yourself with the educational and training prerequisites before you start your career path. The majority of businesses favor hiring pharmacy technicians who attain the CPhT certification​ or have formal degrees from institutions recognized by the Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education (ACPE) or the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists (ASHP). Classroom education and practical training are often provided in these programs, including topics such as compounding, pharmaceutical calculations, medicine safety, pharmacy law and ethics, and compounding. 

Enrolling in an Accredited Pharmacy Technician Program: Gain Essential Knowledge and Skills

Enrolling in a recognized pharmacy technician school that offers in-depth teaching and practical training is the next step after understanding the prerequisites for education and training. Seek courses from community colleges, online universities, or vocational schools that the ACPE or ASHP have approved. These courses are intended to provide you with the information and abilities required to be successful as a pharmacy technician, preparing you for the demands of the labor market. 

Completing Hands-On Training and Experiential Learning: Gain Practical Experience

A pharmacy technician program must provide experiential learning and hands-on training in addition to classroom teaching. You should get the chance to put the information and skills you’ve learned into practice throughout your training, which will provide you with invaluable experience and boost your self-assurance. In community pharmacies, hospital pharmacies, or other healthcare settings, clinical rotations or externships are often offered by pharmacy technician schools. In these settings, you’ll collaborate with pharmacists and other pharmacy personnel to administer medicine, help patients, and carry out other pharmacy-related duties. These practical experiences help you build vital abilities like problem-solving, cooperation, and communication while also giving you significant insights into the daily duties of a pharmacy technician. 

Seeking Employment and Advancement Opportunities: Launch Your Career Journey

In a range of healthcare environments, including mail-order pharmacies, hospital pharmacies, retail pharmacies, and long-term care institutions, pharmacy technicians are in great demand. Utilize tools for your job hunt, such as career fairs, professional networking events, and online job boards, to learn about openings and establish connections with possible employers. In addition, think about asking seasoned pharmacy professionals for mentoring and assistance. They may provide insightful commentary and sound counsel as you pursue your career. 


A career as a pharmacy technician is both interesting and fulfilling. With room for development and the chance to positively touch the lives of patients, you can make a significant impact on people’s lives and start a rewarding career in the fast-paced, dynamic profession of pharmacy with the correct education, training, perseverance, and devotion.

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