7 Healthy Habits for Students to Survive Lockdown

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Back in 2020-2021, the coronavirus pandemic was quite a burden for many of us. We were no longer able to do what we please or attending any events that we like. We were not able to gather together anymore and exchange ideas or play games. The whole world stopped for a year. Surviving both 2020 and 2021 has not been easy for anyone, especially for us, students. Socializing and meeting up with each other used to be something regular – but now, it’s not anymore. 

We must cope with this situation as we can and create healthy habits to keep ourselves connected to the world. We must remain in charge of our own bodies – and for what, we need healthy routines. Here are seven of my favorite habits during the coronavirus pandemic. 

Getting fresh air 

Your first goal should be getting enough fresh air, even if that means wearing a mask on the street. Go for a short walk with your dog or mindfully walk downtown. This is a great way to strengthen your immune system and loosen up. This can also help you become more productive and focused on your schoolwork, which can only be beneficial for your grades. If you want to take your mask off and enjoy better air, drive to the nearest forest and take a stroll.

Avoiding damaging food and caffeine 

The first thing you might want to do after a long day is have a pizza and some fries, I know. And once, that is totally fine. But doing this every day can be detrimental to your health. And so is consuming too much caffeine. Ensure that you are eating healthily, even as a student. Instead of ordering pizza, order a salad from your favorite restaurant. Instead of getting pre-cooked meals to go, start cooking. Instead of drinking too much coffee, drink tea. Explore your options. 

Taking a break from the news

Keeping yourself updated on the latest news is a good thing, but make sure you’re not overdoing it. The thing that most students complain about during the pandemic is the high flow of information running through Facebook, Instagram, or any other regular news channels. Get your daily amount of information but don’t overexaggerate because it gets overwhelming. Keep your mental health on point!

Connecting with your loved ones

You might not be able to meet up with your family or friends, but you can definitely call them. Keeping in touch with your loved ones is absolutely necessary, especially now. If you feel homesick, call your parents or Zoom with them whenever you feel like it. If you miss your best friend, don’t hesitate to say hi to them and have a chat. Be mindful of your mental well-being, as I mentioned before. Keeping in touch with your loved ones is part of it.

Exercising every day 

Moving your body every day is another activity that should become routine. You don’t need to pursue a long workout; you can simply jog for 10 minutes or lift weights for 15. Something as short as 30 burpees could help you stay in shape, so don’t forget to do this every single day. If jogging or working out is not your thing, go for a fast walk. Anything that keeps you moving!

Reading something that makes you happy

Another great habit that could stick is reading. If you’ve always wanted to read (but never had enough time), this is your chance to do it. Start reading your favorite book! It could put a smile on your face or keep you mentally trained to study. Speaking of which, don’t forget to meet your project deadlines and complete all of your essays in due time. I know this is a lot to handle, but you can do it as long as you organize yourself well enough. Some tasks might be more challenging than expected, which is completely fine. There are many professional writers ready to help you out with your work. In the end, this pandemic has affected us all, so if you need to take a break during the school year, don’t hesitate to. Your mental health is important, don’t neglect it.

Taking time to relax 

Last but not least, taking enough time to relax is essential. You could start a meditation practice or get ready to paint your next masterpiece. Whatever your next hobby is, this is the best time to get started on it.

Wrapping Up

Get fresh air, exercise regularly, keep in touch with your loved ones, read, write, take time for yourself, enjoy the weather. These are just some things you could do during the lockdown. Creating new healthy habits now will stick, so go ahead and get started. Good luck!

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Author bio:

Michael Stoddard is a novelist and essay writer. His specialty is research papers in subjects like History and Psychology. Michael likes to help students succeed whenever they need it, which is why he volunteers at a school offering assignment help. In his free time, Michael likes to surf and play Cards Against Humanity. 


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