Health Benefits of Standing Desk

standing desk

Long periods of sitting are bad for your health. Individuals who tend to sit for long periods in a day have a high risk of heart diseases, diabetes, and even death that comes early. No matter do you code all day or offer people term paper writing help, you are risking your health by low activity. When you sit a lot, not many calories get burnt and this may result in weight gain. People who work in the office get faced with this problem. There are new desks called standing desks that are gaining traction in the office world but with this in mind, safety is still key – especially in these times. At all desks, even standings ones, Sneeze screens should be implemented for worker safety.

A standing desk is also called a stand-up desk. It allows you to stand while you are working. Many available versions have an adjustable feature enabling you to change the heights and just between sitting and standing.  Although in its early stages, studies have shown that they offer impressive results on human health. The desk increases productivity. Here are the benefits of this new technology

Standing on both feet combats weight gain and obesity

You gain weight when your calorie input supersedes your burn out. Consequently, when you burn more calories than you consume, the result will be a gradual weight loss. In a recent study, it got discovered that standing can burn up to 170 additional calories. 

Using the desk may help lower sugar levels in the blood

The more you levels of sugar in the blood, the worse it becomes for you. It is even alarming to those with type 2 diabetes or those having resistance issues with insulin. A small study conducted on office workers showed that standing for one and a half hours reduced sugar levels in the blood by 43%. 

The desk may lower your heart disease risk

A small study conducted on bus conductors showed that they had half the danger of dying from heart disease-related complications than the actual drivers who spend time sitting. Sitting for long hours is harmful to your health. It is for this reason that standing has a lot of benefits than crossing legs on a chair. 

Standing desks help to reduce backache

Backache is a common complaint from most people who work in the office by sitting the whole day. Several studies got conducted to prove the sustainability of the desks. Many of the participants reported improvement in the management of their backaches after utilizing the desk for weeks.

Standing desks enhance energy levels

The desks have a positive influence on moods and the overall well-being of the human body. In a study conducted for seven weeks, participants who made use of standing desks had reports of less fatigue and stress than the ones who glued their bodies to their seats all day. When they returned to the old desks, the moods went back to the original state. 

Standing desks increase productivity

There is one common concern that is facing the use of standing desks, and that is the hindrance they pose when it comes to typing. Standing in the afternoon is a habit that one might get used to, but the desks have zero impact on typical work jobs. A study found that using a standing desk for 3-4 hours a day registered no negativity on the worker’s ability to type or the pop up of errors in their articles. It is suitable for increasing productivity.