What are the Health Benefits of Quitting Smoking?


As soon as you quit smoking, your body starts repairing itself and getting used to the changes. Many people fear that it might take long before they see any health improvement. But the time required for noticing real results is not so much – everything happens much faster than you can realize. The main issue, however, is coping with the intense nicotine cravings. This powerful substance is super addictive, and as much as you try to stay away from it, you may find yourself going back to the smoking habit.

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Quitting smoking comes with numerous benefits which include:

Improve your cardiovascular health

As soon as you stop smoking, your heart starts functioning normally. This means it no longer has to pump at a high rate for blood to get to all your body parts. It goes back to pumping at a regular rate and I this in return, returns your blood pressure to the normal rate.

Vision improvements

Quitting smoking can significantly improve your night vision and your overall ability to see things correctly. Smoking can adversely affect your eyes’ health, damaging the tiny blood vessels that feed the retina with oxygen, especially in diabetic patients.

Protect your lungs

You have probably heard of the adverse effects of smoking on your lungs. It will not only lead to scarring on the lungs but also, it could eventually result in lung cancer. Such effects are irreversible, and you should protect your lungs before the worst happens. Quitting will save you from permanent damages. You will notice that a few weeks after quitting, you can breathe well and it is easier to walk up the hills and stairs. You no longer have to experience a short breath. Do not wait until it is already too late to quit.

Protect yourself from emphysema

Although there is no cure for emphysema, you can do something to prevent it before it is too late. Stop smoking when you are still young – it will protect your lungs and air sacs from irreversible damage, and will reduce the risk of emphysema.

Reducing the risk of heart attack

Smoking is listed among the principal causes of heart attack and other cardiovascular issues. Tobacco contains tar which blocks the veins and leaves your heart straining. Before you know it, you are already increasing the risk of suffering a heart attack, blood pressure, or stroke. You can protect yourself or reverse the conditions simply by quitting smoking. This will not only lower your blood pressure but also bring your heart pumping rate back to normal. Removing tobacco from your life will reduce the chances of a heart attack in less than 24 hours.

These are the top ways in which you can protect and improve your health by quitting smoking. You no longer have to struggle with the decision since by investing in quality shisha pen, you can finally stop tobacco smoking, protect your health, and still get similar satisfaction. Make the right decision and save your life.