The Health Benefits of Using an Electric Toothbrush

Electronic toothbrush

Brushing your teeth should be a daily habit ever since your childhood. It’s more important to brush your teeth on a daily basis than it is to brush them more than once a day. Having said that, a recent study shows that less than 60% of all Brits brush their teeth on a daily basis. Across the ocean, approximately 80% of American teenagers will have at least one cavity by the age of 17.

For those of you who are more interested in dental hygiene, you might have noticed that electrical toothbrushes are rapidly gaining popularity. Owning an electrical toothbrush is no longer considered a luxury, and there are many for you to choose from. You might be wondering if investing in an electrical toothbrush is worth the effort. Here are some of their benefits.

Ease of Use

There’s really no doubt about the fact that an electrical toothbrush is easier to use than a conventional one. For starters, the grip is wider and it is more comfortable to hold. Furthermore, the electrically activated head makes it easier for people with disabilities to wash their teeth. Not having to brush up, down, and side to side removes a large part of the hand movements which would be difficult for someone suffering from arthritis or other similar diseases.

Secondly, children will find electrical toothbrushes easier to use because they no longer have to learn to brush in a certain way. Moreover, several companies are already marketing electrical toothbrushes designed for children. These come in smaller sizes and the handle can take various shapes. This makes it more attractive to children and it increases the probability of them wanting to brush their teeth more often. And if you need a good dentist, pay a visit to the endodontist chattanooga tn.

Power Brushing

Although an electrical toothbrush is much more expensive than a regular one, most people consider it an investment. The majority of electrical toothbrushes available on the market have brush heads that are interchangeable. This means that once you purchase an electric toothbrush, you will only have to worry about changing the heads once they’re no longer sharp enough to do a thorough job. Furthermore, the lithium batteries ensure that you don’t have to charge them on a daily basis.

The actual power of an electrical toothbrush varies between manufacturers and models. As a general idea, a mid-range electrical toothbrush can achieve anywhere between 6,000 and 30,000 strokes per minute. It’s safe to say that this amount of strokes is unachievable by manually brushing your teeth. These numbers easily translate into faster brushing times and a more thorough process.

Official Results

Similar to their regular counterparts, electrical toothbrushes are considered to be medical devices by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Unlike other medical devices, they’re not as closely regulated. However, several electrical toothbrush manufacturers have conducted their own studies regarding the efficiency of their products.

The results of these studies show that patients are more inclined to use an electrical toothbrush on a daily basis. On a study conducted on approximately 16,000 patients, more than 80% have reported that using an electrical toothbrush has improved their dental health.